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Troops withdrawal should be responsible

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No doubt the international troops would withdraw one day from Afghanistan and no one expect them to stay here forever. Afghanistan needs to stand on its own feet and fight its security, economic challenges with her own forces.
But troops withdrawal must be responsible and the mistake during the withdrawal of USSR troops should not be repeated.
The USSR troops left Afghanistan without an agreement on concluding of bloodletting and political solution. In that time different countries and UN diplomats submitted many plans for peace but no peace plan was implemented and the Soviets left Afghanistan without ending the war which they had started.
During troops withdrawal, the Soviet Union, ignored international law and intervened in power dispute in Afghanistan and later sent military forces. Decision on invasion was also an irresponsible step against international laws and the Red Army withdrawal was too irresponsible as after Red Army withdrawal, the Afghan war continued.
Today, that mistake must not be repeated. Every plan which is submitted on withdrawal of RS troops, should be part of an agreement for Afghan peace. All policy makers, international organizations and involved countries believe that Afghan war has political solution not military and all emphasize on political solution of this nasty war. Research centers also suggest various plans for political settlement of Afghan war. Arg (presidential palace) has also suggested a plan for political solution of Afghan war based on which, a five years process must be traversed for restoration of permanent peace.
The US State Department is also involved in talks with Taliban to convince them to get out of the rank of global Jehadism and pave the way for troops withdrawal. Khalilzad has said that US agreement with Taliban conditioned to acceptance of nationwide ceasefire by this faction.
Khalilzad has also added that the next condition for agreement is this that Taliban should enter, intra-Afghan dialogue and a single inclusive negotiating team should be setup to start talks with Taliban. In opinion of Khalilzad, these negotiations should take place for end of war and achieving an agreement on political future of Afghanistan. Withdrawal of foreign troops, should also be tied to agreement on end of war and permanent ceasefire.
A comprehensive agreement should be achieved to end the Afghan war and the Afghan government should be signatory of this accord that agreement should be that much comprehensive and clear that all parties be sure on its execution. The guarantors of execution of this accord should be the superpowers including the US.
Without guarantee of the US, the peace accord would not be reliable and the Taliban would consider the total Afghan people as their POW.
Troops withdrawal must also be part of the comprehensive accord on end of war. If execution of the accord would face a problem, the troops withdrawal must be stopped immediately and the troops should continue support of ANSF.
The timetable of troops withdrawal must also be very vigilant. Main parts of peace agreement must be implemented during the presence of international troops.
Certain countries who intend Afghanistan to remain weak, would enter through window upon withdrawal of US-led forces through door and keep the war flaming.
The only thing that could stabilize Afghanistan, is improving of representative democracy.
In the last 18 years, except Taliban, all afghan political forces managed to be part of representative democracy. These forces managed to play a role inside representative democracy and take part in administration of the country. Merely with the help of a representative democracy, the legitimacy of Afghan government and rulers can be ensured in the future too.
Experiences have shown that no faction or group can take Afghanistan by force and rule it.
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