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Troops downsize to weaken peace process

Mike Pompeo official photo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that his country wanted to withdraw most of its troops from Afghanistan, by the next US presidential election.
The US State Secretary has said that this was a directive from President Trump who is intended to conditionally pull out most of American forces from Afghanistan, before the November 2020 election.
According to him, the US is seeking ways to end the 18-year old war in Afghanistan by reaching a final agreement with the anti-Afghan government militants.
While Afghanistan is preparing for the presidential election, the US is announcing to return its forces home, under a delicate moment that Afghans needs more security and stability during the landmark process.
Instead of troop pullout from the war ravaged country, the US as a key ally of Afghanistan and the most important stakeholder in the Afghan issues, should accelerate an intra-Afghan dialogue and do its best to end the open-ended war and bloodshed in the country.
On the other hand, how could interoperate the presence and pullout of the US troops to/from Afghanistan, while the mission was to end insurgency, bring security and help the Afghans stand on their feet economically and the entire Afghans take part in rebuilding their country.
War in Syria and Iraq ended, but fueled more and more in Afghanistan. The brutalist militants are eliminated in the two Arab countries, but appeared the fiercest and the most violent in Afghanistan, where tens of people are killed or wounded on a daily basis.
The worst condition is now that, militants loyal to the Taliban are ready to claim responsibility of the recent attacks. Such attacks are ambiguous. In many cases, the Taliban outfit has rejected if their subordinates have committed the anti-human crime.
The US has time and again underscored a shift in peace talks between its representative with the key anti-government rebels – the Taliban group, but as is seen huge number of people are still being killed and wounded, even the bloodshed has increased since the start of talks between the two sides.
Compelling and even coercing the militants to join peace talks is the most effective way to find a solution to the long war in the country, rather to resort troops pullout an option to wrap up the crisis in the heavily destitute nation.
Though, the secretary has not disclosed the timeline for the troops withdrawal, but it clearly indicates that the US has reached an agreement with the militants.
This should be made clear that Afghanistan belongs to the Afghans and they can only decide for their country’s fate, particularly when see some countries are seeking their own interests in continuing crisis in the country.
Afghanistan needs cooperation and help to end the so long protracted war in the country, not interference in our internal affairs, the main example of which is bypassing the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan from the several rounds of peace talks with the Taliban group.
Afghanistan wants to continue nation to nation friendship and political partnership with the entire world countries, but in the event of witnessing any interference would seek any option to defend itself and its nation.

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