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Troop pullout has nothing to do with peace talks

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By: M. Wali Qasemi

Both troops pullout and the continuation of peace process should be considered as independent and separated factors for the Afghan nation’s security. U.S. President Donald Trump has said that he was worried to see Afghanistan turning into the “Harvard of terrorists” if he decides a full troop withdrawal from the country. According to him, if his country’s troops were taken out of Afghanistan, the U.S. would keep an intelligence presence behind to monitor the situation, as he doubted the situation would remain confidence after the pullout.
After the death of two U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, last week, President Trump has made the decision to take get out, but would leave a very strong intelligence in Afghanistan.
On the other peace in Afghanistan is not something to be expected as soon as possible and the eighth round of the process, according to the U.S. peace envoy for Afghanistan, Zalamay Khalilzad, would be a destiny making event.
The Taliban group are persisting full U.S. troops withdrawal from the country, a precondition, the outfit said would help an intra-Afghan dialogue take place.
But U.S. is still skeptical on the militants’ proposed conditions, that if approved, would send the country into a terrorism center, but leaving what the president said a strong intelligence in the country after potential troops’ withdrawal maybe the final plan expected to achieve both the anti-government militants’ satisfaction and trust from the country’s elected system. From Trump is still unclear if he leaves behind a number of troops to take security of the intelligence services in the country.
But, for the Afghans, a soon full withdrawal of the coalition forces, particularly the U.S. troops from Afghanistan would not cure any problems and would never be in the interest of the two countries, as there is a strong doubt that Afghanistan may return to last decades of more intense civil war between the warlords and most importantly a surge between the pro-Mujahedeen groups and the Taliban outfit, with an undeniably upsurge from the ISIS, known as IS-K in Afghanistan.
Both the government leaders and the anti-government militants should have realized that a full troop withdrawal from the country before a complete peace and security restoration in the country, would give no suitable consequences.
So, the problem could only be met, when both sides of Afghan conflicts—the government and the Taliban, get together and share their vision on their own issues, with the presence of impartial international representatives, to finally bringing peace that requires an end to the long U.S. presence in the war-affected nation.
Because the situation is currently so tough and complicated in Afghanistan and if foreign forces leave the country, without any peace success, then there will be no guarantee for a possible unrest, disorder, chaos and even happening of another dangerous civil war. So, a gradual troops withdrawal, after ensuring peace and security in the country by joining all anti-government militants to the peace process, would be the most helpful and effective plan to guarantee a lasting peace in the country. The people of Afghanistan are impatiently waiting for peace restoration in the country, while foreign troops withdrawal from the country, after ensuring lasting and confident peace is a must. No Afghan want foreign troops stay in their country, except under the two countries policy which is in the both sides interest. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.