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Tri-partite peace talks should be supported


One of basic principles of international rights is non-interference in domestic and foreign affairs of the countries.
Based on this principle, in contemporary world, including super powers are obliged to refrain from interference in each other’s affairs and parallel makers their behaves and moves according to the accepted international rules and regulations.
Observation of this principle causes independence protection and the factor of establishment of good relations among world nations.
After establishment of new system, Afghanistan more than other any time invaded direct and indirectly by Pakistan and the security forces were fighting against various groupings.
For reaching to its strategic goals, Pakistan made much efforts before Afghanistan.
Apparently, with chanting slogans of good neighborliness, strengthening of good ties, and political, economic and cultural cooperations between the two countries, Pakistan has proclaimed its policy. But the short history of this country within over four decades and its actions before Afghanistan proves some other things.
Within this long time, Pakistan didn’t spare from any effort for production, funding and equipment of terrorists and weakening of government of Afghanistan.
Pakistan taken refuge in its soil to terrorists’ leaders of Daesh, al-Qaida and opponents of government of Afghanistan and provided necessary harmonies for planning and execution of terrorist activities in Afghanistan.
Like before, Pakistan actively making effort to have influence in the system of Afghanistan and increased the level of its support from terrorist groupings.
Performance of offensive and suicide attacks and explosion, have been expanded by Pakistan in various regions of Afghanistan and for attracting of the will of its international supporters more than other time, hypocritically making effort to own the agreement and satisfaction of its international supporters in counterterrorism.
The repeated optimism of leaders caused in the course of over one and half decade war and insecurity, the insignificant practical measure not to be adopted before Pakistan and better ground also be prepared for further hostile activities of this country in Afghanistan.
Weakness of diplomatic and political and security mechanisms of Afghanistan in the past caused the enforcement of Pakistan.
From one side, Pakistan made Afghanistan busy in agreements and establishment of joint roadmaps between the two nations and on the other, increased its direct and indirect interferences in internal affairs of Afghanistan and continued it.
Under the slogans of counterterrorism, from one side gained further equipments and financial and military possibilities from the US and on the other, provided save havens for all leaders and commanders of Taliban and al-Qaida in this soil.
With employment of various groupings pursued its certain goals in Afghanistan. But this time, diversity of opinion and present tension between Afghanistan and Pakistan is differ from the past.
Now, not only Afghanistan criticized from dual policy of Pakistan, but, the US and international community also comprehend the fact and in alignment with the people of Afghanistan warn this country and expressed their dissatisfaction over terrorist activities of Pakistan and are exerting pressure on it.
Despite Pakistan has the support of China and Russia in a manner but how it was necessary, this country has faced no with real pressures of international community and now too all criticisms are remained only as a slogan.
Because, now also, all terrorists are employing as one of basic machines for implementation of foreign policy and as a good source for protection of national worthies of Pakistan.
It is undeniable fact that sans agreement of Pakistan, Taliban never accept any reconciliation with government of Afghanistan.
Sans support of Pakistan and establishment of secure hideout in Quetta and Peshawar, assured financial itinerary and visiting of Arab nations via Pakistan and along with Pakistan passport, Taliban doesn’t continue their war against Afghanistan.
To reach to their goals, Pakistanis not only provide financial and military possibilities for this grouping but they themselves are engaged in a manner in this dirty war.
Likewise, now, the families of ring leaders of Taliban are living in secure places of Pakistan and are enjoying from any living possibilities.
It is said that in near future, a tri-partite meeting to beheld in Pakistan between Kabul, Islamabad and Beijing.
Because of having of vast influence of Beijing on Pakistan, the people of our country want from Beijing to encourage Taliban to peace negotiation table. Simultaneous with increment of peace movements in Afghanistan, the movements of peace caravan of Helmand say that they would erect refuge tents before all embassies of the countries which are involving in war of Afghanistan and demand from all involved sides to joint peace process, the process that be Afghan lead and Afghan owned.

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