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Transportation of merchandize through Germany air corridor


The witnesses in economic affairs believe that transportation of Afghan merchandize via air corridors of Germany is easy but expensive. They say that the impact and role of air corridors of Afghanistan with regional countries is important in the growth of export-import of Afghanistan.
A number of economic experts of Afghanistan believe that establishment of air corridors is effective in the economic growth of the country.
According to them, the air corridors not only regarded as important for export-import of Afghan merchandize to regional countries, but it expands the ties of merchants with other regional countries in the field of commerce.
Fortunately, now we are the witnesses of establishment of air corridors among India, Turkey, Indonesia and China and hope the commercial ties further be grown more with regional countries.
Economic witness, Saifuddin Saihoon in a briefing with The Kabul Times on importance of establishment of air corridors said that Afghanistan is a land-locked country and lacks vast railroad and transportational infrastructures and to grow its economy is making effort with utility from air corridors to expand its export.
Based on the same, in current year, the government of Afghanistan practically inaugurated several air corridors to ease transportation of Afghan traders’ merchandize to overseas that recently we are the witnesses of establishment of air corridor with People’s Republic of China that through this, the Afghan products especially pine nut directly transported to that country via this corridor.
He added that within recent years, after repeated closing of Pakistan borders before consignments of Afghan traders, the government of Afghanistan decided beside commercial borders to open air corridors for export of dried fruits and merchandize to abroad.
According to him, it is possible transportation of merchandize through air corridor would be expensive but in present situation, this decision would be regarded as a positive step towards development of commerce of Afghanistan and can in some extent rescue our country from commercial alignment with those countries who close their ports before our merchandize any time they want and incur our merchants.
This measure would have its positive impact for development of private sector as well as this measure strengthens friendship among nations and also has its impact on their politics.
At the same time, the chamber of commerce and industry time and again has asserted every year, when the export of Afghan products begins to Pakistan, the latter created some limitations in its borders with Afghanistan that as a result, our merchants and farmers sustain worth millions of dollars annually. So, establishment of air corridors in some extent remove the problems of Afghan merchants in the connection.
It is said that for the first time, the fresh fruit of Afghanistan was transported to India through air corridor.
In this flight 60 tons fresh and dried fruits was dispatched to New Delhi and after this, similar flights took place to Turkey and Kazakhstan.
According to the authorities of government of Afghanistan, annually, $30 million is gained through air transportation and establishment of air corridors can play its positive impact in enhancement of this income.
Simultaneously, Afghanistan is making effort to expand as soon as possible the capacity of Chabahar port of Iran and open water way towards India and central Asia.
Anyway, in present condition, the government takes step to grow and develop national economy.
It is a hope for a bright future of the country.
At the same time, the incharges of chamber of commerce regard not only the role of air corridor as positive for increment of export with regional countries but regard it as effective for increment of total exports of Afghanistan.
They believe that the air corridor of Afghanistan as an alternative way and positive pressure caused we face with lesser problems in land transportation.
Based on the same, our export to regional countries is increasing daily and all these are the achievements earned through establishment of air corridors and efforts made by government of Afghanistan.
It is mentionable that now, the government of Afghanistan has opened similar air corridor with China that through this, several tons of black pine-nut of Afghanistan have been exported to China.
Shukria Kohistani

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