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Transport having positive impacts on Afghanistan economy


By: Lailuma Noori

26th Mizan coinciding with 18th October is National Transport and Transit Day as transport sector has particular role in improvement of the people’s lives as well as has positive impacts on the country’s economy.
For the past few years, both transport and transit have improved balanced economic development and pave the way for facilitation in trade process, increasing of government revenues, creation of opportunities for investors, improvement of immunity and security in the country.
Afghanistan has already joined international and regional organizations such as Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and the Convention on International Transport of Goods Under Cover of TIR.
Geographical location of Afghanistan has put the country in good position and can make use of its position in a better way as the country is a good transit route for central Asian to South Asian countries such as Pakistan and India.
Previously, Afghanistan had depended on neighboring countries although our country had signed good agreements with the neighboring countries. Currently, Afghanistan has membership of mostly international and regional organizations; therefore, the country will not face with challenges as before.
Afghanistan Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation is in charge of the management of air and ground transportation, operation of airports and the national airline, as well as numerous other state owned enterprises engaged in the transport business.
MoTCA’s mission is consisted of designing, arranging, administrating, and managing of an effective, secure and accessible transportation system by having a friendly environment, justly, affordable, modern, high quality and with motivating private sector’s complete participation in economic development of the country.
The ministry has 5 main tasks to follow: providing of effective public transportation services for people living in urban areas, provinces and cities; developing of airports in Afghanistan; monitoring of civil aviation according to requirements of International Civil Aviation Organization; creating of necessary infrastructure and building of active domestic and international capacities; and boosting of competitive aviation environment for both domestic and international services.
Problems and challenges ahead of the country’s transport and transit are increasing insecurities in the country as Afghan traders and investors have shared the problems with government officials.
Afghan experts believe that for safety transit and transport, security is very important; therefore, the government in particular security organs are responsible for maintaining better security along highways as transport is considered as key element for economic development and trade.
For further improvement and expansion of trade and transport in the country, it is necessary that government should take necessary steps towards absorption of trust of world countries, maintaining of security along highways and reduction of corruption in the country.
It is worth mentioning that National Transport and Transit Day has been picked up based on approval of economic committee of Afghanistan council of ministers in recent years.

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