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Transparent election key to government legitimacy

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People expectation from electoral commissions are ensuring transparency of political sovereignty in the country. The country is in urgent need of a legitimate system. A political system without legitimacy is interpreted as totalitarian, despotic system.
In democratic systems, election is the only way for ensuring legitimacy of governments. Based on example of democratic societies, election is the most important instrument of legitimacy for political systems. Participating in the election and using their votes, people grant legitimacy to systems.
Today, Afghanistan has a democratic system. The constitution has defined sovereignty that of people. Through election and using their votes, people elect leaders of the system and hand over the right of ownership to them. In such systems the leaders are indeed the people representatives and undertake administration of the country on behalf of people.
All that requires that election must be held according to conditions that are anticipated in the constitution and electoral codes as these conditions include: nationwide, direct, secret, transparent, fair and free while transparency is the most important one for a standard election. Essentially every election must be held transparently.
All these mean that if transparency of election is not ensured, it cannot bring legitimacy to government. No doubt legitimacy is in the pledge of transparency. Only a transparent election can bring legitimacy to a government that expected to be established as a result of it.
Now that the presidential election has been held, and the Independent Election Commission and Independent Electoral Complaints Commissions are occupied to summarize the results, they have a heavier job to safe transparency of election.
This job requires both bodies to act precisely in summarizing of the results, use all their efforts to separate right ballots from wrong and false and release the results based on right and true votes, otherwise it is possible that the electoral teams would reject the results and non-acceptance of the results would cause negative consequences and crisis.
The proper and well-developed election process can play an important role in creating accountable government. A political party or a politician in order to be elected by the votes of the people tries to perform properly so that it gets chance of remaining in authority for a longer period of time.
If the political parties and the contestants in the elections come to know that they can win the election even without the consent of the people, through illegal ways, they will never remain accountable to the people and would not care much about the public opinion.
Given the current condition of country, especially poverty, insecurity and peace process, Afghanistan extremely needs to have a transparent election. In this condition, Afghanistan will not be able to tolerate such elections and the public reaction will also be different.

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