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Transferring electoral materials to Kabul begins, IEC

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By: Suraya Raiszada

As the voters’ registration process has been ended, Independent Election Commission (IEC) says that the process to transfer electoral materials from provinces to Kabul has begun.
According to IEC secretariat, electoral materials from seven provinces such as Panjshir, Kapisa, Parwan, Bamian, Khost, Logar and Wardak have already been transferred to Kabul and security entities have vowed to transfer the remaining materials from other provinces by the next five days.
Head of IEC secretariat Habibul Rahman Nang told media that simultaneous with transferring electoral materials from provinces to the center, registration process of forms in online section already started.
He stressed that the process to correct voters’ lists is ongoing and the voters’ primary lists have been contracted by the commission with the Central Statistics Office, and the administration has been asked to separate faked tazkiras from the list.
“To pave the way for further facilities, we have established an online system on our website to correct voters’ list, through which the voters can edit their specifications if already made a mistake in the respect,” he went on to say.
This comes as earlier, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has criticized IEC works on voters’ list, saying the commission failed to correct voters’ names so far and deliver information about voters’ confirmatory registration.
Replying the issue, IEC’s head of secretariat said that voters’ confirmatory registration process has been done ideally so far, adding only 15 complaints have so far been recorded from around the country.
Expressing concern over existences of faked tazkiras, electoral observant entities say that this was one of the serious problems in the last parliamentary elections. Chief Executive of Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) Yousuf Rashid said that existence of faked tazkiras and lack of real list of voters in the parliamentary elections have been among the problems that should be seriously paid heed. At the same time, welcoming the IEC move to transfer electoral materials to the center, a number of lawmakers stressed on the centers and their staff security.
A lawmaker Hashimi said that election was an option through which the citizens can determine their destiny, therefore, the government should not interfere in the electoral commissions’ affairs.
He added IEC should also officially declare the voters’ list of any province so to prevent ghost figures on holding elections day.
A political expert Jawid Kohistani believes that lack of interferences by the government officials, political parties and groups and to enhance supervision in recruiting process of IEC staff and their works are among the issues that can help ensure transparency in the process.
Voters’ registration process had been started on Jawza 18 and ended on Saratan 8 , during which 216,417 people have been registered, 194000 of whom have been men, 117439 women and 4987 nomad men and women.

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