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Training seminar of Kung Fu Sport Federation Arbitration ended

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By: Nangialai Osmani

The first seminar of training second grade Kung Fu arbitration held recently.
The seminar was attended by 45 judges nation-wide that from among them 30 judges were from Kabul and 15 others were belong to Ghazni, Logar, Kapisa and Bamyan provinces.
Three female gymnast belong to general directorate of physical training and sport were also present at the seminar.
In inaugural ceremony, head of Kung Fu National Federation welcoming the guests spoke regarding the importance of holding of training seminar and laid emphasize that the graduates of this seminar hereafter can promote the duty of judgement in all competitions as federation official arbitrators.
Similarly general director of Olympic Committee and sport physical training spoke comprehensively in connection with holding of this seminar and appreciated the activities of leading body of Kung Fu National Federation and expressed his support from programs of Kung Fu National Federation.
At the end of this three day seminar, certificates were given to the graduates of seminar by general directorate of physical training and National Federation of Kung Fu.
It is mentionable that the second round of this training seminar to be held in the future with participation of remaining 26 provinces and simultaneously, the national team electoral competitions would also be implemented.
After three day discussion on the issue, this seminar was ended.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.