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Traffic department reports near 1500 accidents in last two months

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By: Suraya
KABUL: Besides the ongoing war and coronavirus outbreak in the country, increasing traffic incidents that are killing and injuring Afghans have raised concerns in Afghanistan. Based on information provided by Kabul police traffic department, near  1,500 traffic incidents have been registered in the past two months in the country.
Residents of various provinces of the country say low standard roads, inattention of drivers, lack of traffic signs on highways have caused increasing of victims from the traffic incidents in the country.
“Inattention to traffic rules by drivers and indifference of the government in this regard are the main reasons for increasing of traffic incidents along highways in the country,” said Akhtar Mohammad, a resident of Samangan and a truck driver on Kabul-Baghlan highway.
Meanwhile, general director of traffic police Khan Mohammad Shinwari by admitting that traffic incidents are on the rise in the country told The Kabul Times correspondent that near 1,500 traffic incidents have been recorded during the past two months across the country.
“Totally 1436 traffic incidents have occurred across the country and as a result of this number of incidents, 167 people have lost their life and 244 others get wounded,” Shinwari said, adding that most of the incidents took place along highways due to low standard of roads in the country.
He stressed that carelessness of drivers, not observing of traffic signs and using drugs by drivers have all resulted in increasing of traffic incidents in the country where a large number of our people have lost their lives.
Maryam, a resident of Balkh, says drivers driving their vehicles on highways in particular do not consider and pay attention to traffic signs and regulations causing traffic incident in which our people lose their lives.
Sarwar, living in vicinity of Kabul – Jalalabad road says I witness traffic incidents on daily basis along Kabul – Jalalabad highway.
“Lack of traffic police along highways in the country is the main reason of increasing traffic incidents,” Sarwar said, adding that unfortunately inattention of drivers to traffic rules and low standard of roads results in traffic incidents on highways and roads in the country.
Nevertheless, a number of drivers say due to low standard roads, sadden clashes between Afghan national security and forces and Taliban fighters and fear from armed robberies, they have to press the accelerator to get their destination as soon as possible, which mostly results in traffic incidents.
On the other hand, lawmakers in the country’s parliament by criticizing the police traffic department say due to increasing corruption in the department, everybody can receive driving license without knowing traffic principles and regulations, asking the department to grant the license to those who are professional and receiving teaching courses.
Meanwhile, The United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA) in its reports has considered increasing traffic incidents in the country as catastrophic and said death toll caused by traffic incidents is in the rise besides increasing of civilian casualties caused by insecurities, suicide attacks, explosions and armed clashes between ANDSF and Taliban fighters.
Based on official statistics, only 30 percent of all traffic incidents have been registered in big cities as Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Nangarhar, Balkh and Baghlan.

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