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Traders facing harsh insecurity

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Amid growing kidnappings and life attempt on the country’s capital owners, traders asked the government for insuring their security, as any failure in this field would results in capital flee from the country.
Meanwhile, the country’s chamber of commerce and investment, expressed concern over the increasing life-attempt and kidnapping, warned that more investors would leave the country, if situation continued in this manner.
They asked the government, particularly the ministry of interior, for doing more to take security of investors and traders.
“All Afghan traders and investors can’t use armored vehicles, so the security organs should make all-out efforts to take their security,” said the chamber of commerce office in a statement released to media.
The statement asked the ministry of commerce and industries and ministry of interior to implement an inclusive procedure for protecting the live and properties of investors.
Yasin, a Kabul resident and trader said he feels no security, so he has to take his capital out of the country.
“No investors would stay home if the situation continued in this manner. If the traders’ life and family were not safe, then they will never be confident to remain investing at their home country,” said the investor.
An economic expert and Kabul University lecturer, Saifuddin Saihoon also blamed the security organs for failing to take security of traders and said if there was not security, they will not confidently invest in the country.
“We were witnessing scores of traders whom their sons or one of their family members were kidnapped and in many cases they were killed,” Saihoon told The Kabul Times.
He asked the government, particularly the security‘ entities for taking their security, as they are currently importing urgent primary foodstuffs amid the outbreak of coronavirus-19 epidemic.
He added that Afghanistan was not immune from COVID-19 and the country’s and the people needs primary items, so the government should take serious attention to take security of traders all over the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.