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Trade relations between Kabul-Islamabad improved recently

Pak Afghan

KABUL : Pakistan and Afghanistan continue to maintain up-ward trajectory of trade contrary to the false news by some Afghan media, a statement from the Pakistani embassy in Kabul said on Tuesday. The Embassy of Pakistan in Kabul was pleased to report that due to its well-directed efforts, Afghanistan exports to Pakistan increased by 29.53% from US$ 342 million during Pakistan’s FY 2016-17 to US$ 443 million 2017-18.
It added, Pakistan remained the largest export market for Afghanistan.
On the other hand, Afghanistan continue to increase its imports from Pakistan, as Afghan imports increased from Pakistan by 18.33% for the period i.e. US$ 1,271 million in year 2016-17 to US$ 1,504 million in year 2017-18.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.