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Tobacco to seriously cause gradual death

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By: Shukria Kohistani

During an interview with The Kabul Times, Dr. Moral said that tobacco could negatively affect health.
According to him, using tobacco can cause different types of heart problems and cancers, as World Health Organization (WHO) has also warned in this respect.
He added smoking cigarette has direct relation with mouth and larynx cancers and can dangerously harm respiratory system.
At the same time, officials of the ministry for public health say that tobacco is mostly used as cigarette and hookah in Afghanistan.
Mohammad is a person who smokes hookah. He says that I along with my friends go to hookah bar three times in a week.
Doctors say that smoking seriously causes heart, vision and brain disorders and can also be followed with different types of cancers.
A victim of tobacco, Abdul Latif who has esophagus cancer and is hospitalized in a hospital says that I have been smoking for 40 years.
He added I owned 70,000 afg since I got hospitalized here.
A public ministry’s tobacco control national program in-charge Dr. Habib said that long-term using of tobacco is the main reason behind 30 percent of esophagus, stomach and mouth cancers.
However, tobacco control act with imposing 20 percent tax on cigarette imports has been approved by the lower house of the parliament, but still cigarette is being sold with low price in the country’s markets.
Finance ministry says that however, 20 percent tax has been imposed on cigarette imports, but still its imports have not been decreased.
The spokesperson to the ministry of public health Shamroz Khan Masjidi said that the amount of processed tobacco’s imports has reached to 14000 ton in 1397 and its customs tariff had been 2.6 bln afg. Expressing concern on using tobacco by their off-springs, a number of families ask the interior ministry to prevent it in some cases.
They added the ministry of defense should close hookah bars operational in the city in order their off-springs not to be able to go there and use tobacco. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.