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Time for peace to fight pandemic

Afghan peace
GARMSIR DISTRICT, Helmand province, Afghanistan — A local child grabs an Afghan flag during a gift handout in support of the local community’s celebration of Eid here, Aug. 31. Marines, with 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, partner with Afghan National Security Forces to provide security in the district and handout gifts in support of the three-day, Islamic holiday of Eid Il-Iftar, or ‘to break the fast.’

Despite international humanitarian calls for a ceasefire that would allow the Afghan government and the Taliban to join forces to handle the virus pandemic, the Taliban continue attacking Afghanistan’s security forces on different fronts, mostly in rural areas. The Taliban has refused to announce a full ceasefire but said it will stop fighting in areas where the virus has infected the population.

The Afghan government has already released hundreds of prisoners; so, have the Taliban. The current impasse of prisoners’ release focuses on the release of 15 specific Taliban prisoners. The government says that the 15 were behind deadly attacks, including one bombing that killed nearly 150 civilians in Kabul. The Taliban does not accept the accusation.

The derailed peace efforts and prisoners’ release come amid a growing pandemic that urgently requires cooperation from both sides in order to devote maximum efforts to containing the virus. Instead, the country now faces Taliban attacks and the pandemic at the same time.

The COVID-19 outbreak is an occasion and an opportunity to join all hands, stop killing each other in the country and fight against the virus together. But unfortunately, the Taliban continue shedding blood and killing Afghan forces and the innocent civilians.

According to health authorities, the Coronavirus has reached to its peak and the infected and death tolls are increasing on daily basis which have challenged the health sector and the economy of the country to a large extent.

Instead of shedding bloods, the Taliban is required to join hand with the Afghan government and pave the way for better fight against the novel disease. Continued attacks won’t bear any result for the group, rather would harm the innocent masses as well as the country.

Since collapse of the Taliban regime and inauguration of the new government, peace has been discussed, pondered upon, taught and studied in many ways and many aspects and today peace is the greatest and highest goal for the war-suffered nation.  Every Afghan, including the rich, the poor, men and women, wishes to achieve personally and expects to be settled in the country soon.

Therefore, the Taliban should ignore their masters’ orders and think for rebuilding of the country and welfare of a national that still bearing the brunt of war. Their double game with peace process won’t bear any result, rather further devastation of the country.

The national unity is a crying need in Afghanistan and is considered a criteria and a significant element in bonding the nation and living a peaceful life. Harmony and integrity of Afghan nation, mutual respect, tolerance and respect towards the rights and beliefs of one another, as well as ceasefire will be the deciding factors behind the country’s development and the national unity.

Maintaining these standards will lead to forming a single national identity and state-building that would not allow any country or factor to affect or interfere the internal affairs of the country. The unity and a unified stance would further help better fight the pandemic in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.