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Time for int’l community to break silence over Taliban’s increasing violence


With the beginning of international troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, violence have extensively increased by Taliban. The insurgent group intensified their vast attacks in a number of districts particularly in northern and northeastern provinces that destruction of infrastructures and intensification of violence have strongly concerned people.
Increasing violence by Taliban has not only concerned our citizens but reluctance and silence of the international community particularly the US against Taliban in a condition that it has signed a security agreement with the Afghan government and has undertaken responsibility in the direction of ensuring security, has increased concerns and predominated atmosphere of disappointment and hopelessness.
Although public uprising forces with direct support of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and with sense of responsibility of citizens on survival of the system in this territory, is expected to open another page in history and proves that the Afghan pious people stand today too against external plots and conspiracies like their ancestors and would foil them.
But the silence over and forgetting Afghanistan in this sensitive juncture of time, would not only be disastrous for the people of the country and would result in irreparable consequences, but also would be strongly harmful and tragic to the international community like the 90s and later on the 9/11 terrorist incidents.
Although current situation is different from 90s, we have regular national army and organized security forces that defend people and government and with the grace of Allah the Almighty and powerful arm of ANDSF, the situation will be controlled and managed and no doubt Afghan people would triumph victory once again against the international terrorists.
But although the Afghan people expect the international community who have made huge material and humanitarian investments to create a democratic system and rebuild infrastructure, not to be indifferent against Taliban and current situation. It is also hoped that the Afghan president and his accompanying delegation’s visit to US bear positive result and that strategic partners of Afghanistan once again focus the war on terror in the country, which still taking lives of innocent Afghan masses.
It is certain that the Afghan war has no ultimate winners and continuation of this war would inflict huge damages to regional and world countries, as well as continuation of proxy wars and frank interferences of neighboring and regional countries in Afghanistan domestic affairs, pave the way for further confrontation of world powers in the war-torn country.
The international community specially the US and NATO who have undertaken responsibility of ensuring security of Afghanistan based on their security accords should break silence, accelerate the peace process through their mediation and influence on Taliban, organize a national ceasefire and prevent further blood shedding of Afghans.
The Afghan people and government are now in frontline of war on terror, and sparing no efforts to provide security for the country as well as make secure the whole region, aiming to ease trade and development.
Therefore supporting such country and forces that are fighting on behalf of the whole world against the terrorists are essential, and United States and its allies should do more to equip the forces, so that to better fight terrorists and eliminate their safe havens in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.