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Theatrical drama on Queen Soraya’s scientific, artistic and cultural activities


By: Karima Malikzada

As one of the popular artistic bodies, the National Theatre has always made effective efforts during the past decades to improve the art of drama. Simultaneous with restoration of Independence, theatre was established in two important cities of Kabul and Herat and promoted gradually and managed to perform good dramas on different occasions. At present particular preparations are underway on the occasion of Asad 28th, the Independence day to display patriotic programs.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, the Director of National Theatre Directorate Sayed Mansoor Rahmani said, the Theatre Directorate has always tried to present interesting dramas but since the beginning of 1398 solar year, our all efforts, activities and productions were devoted on 100th anniversary of independence. For example a drama in the title of Queen Soraya who was wife of King Amanullah Khan will be displayed by National Theatre artists.

Rahmani added, this drama would explain activities of Queen Soraya for science, art and culture due to encouragement of King Ghazi Amanullah Khan. Another drama on the occasion of 100th anniversary of National Museum and the next one in the title of Hero of Independence will be displayed that explain artistic and cultural activities of king Amanullah Khan.
Rahmani went on to say, since the outset of 1398 solar year our other dramas include Eidul Qurban, violence against women on the occasion of 8th of March. All these preparations are taking place on the main occasion of Asad 28th.
Rahmani added, in Pashto speaking provinces these dramas will be displayed in Pashto and in Dari speaking provinces in Dari. Currently we plan to organize our programs in capital Kabul and Herat. On the first day of the new year we displayed a drama that invited people to observe the urban culture. It was redisplayed for the second time with participation of the first lady and officials of Kabul municipality which was strongly encouraged by participating authorities.
During the seminar of Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan a drama on Sayed’s life from birth to death was displayed in Hotel Inter-Continental with the audience of Indian and Egyptian Professors which was sincerely appreciated and all these dramas were prepared and displayed by artists of National Theatre.
It should be mention that the drama of Queen Soraya was produced as per instruction of Affair Administration Department.
We also plan to produce a half an hour documentary drama on the history and development of theatre in the last 100 years and beside that a periodical would also be prepared.
The National Theatre Department plans to produce many drama but our only problem is lack of female artists and players. We draw the attention of senior authorities and if this problem is solved we would be capable to produce better dramas.
The main and basic objective of dramas in Afghanistan particularly in the outset of their establishment were awakening of people, encouragement of benevolence and avoiding superstitions and ignorance, promotion of spirit of patriotism and ensuring of national unity. We hope our theatre will be once again unfading like before.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.