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The youth unemployment, govt. CE’s concern

youth unemployment gov ce concern
An Afghan porter youth relaxes on his push cart, as he waits to be hired in Kabul, Afghanistan on Monday, March 28, 2011. (AP Photo/Musadeq Sadeq)

Generating job opportunities for new entrants to labour market along with already unemployed individuals is seriously challenging the Afghanistan government. As a job creation for young people requires joint efforts between governmental, non-governmental and international partners, the Office of Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (CE), in order to better coordinate and address unemployment, set up the Youth and Employment Executive Committee (YaEEC).

This committee is consisting of at least 25 stakeholders, Government and Non-Government agencies and having its regularly meeting through Technical, Policy and Steering Committee.

The Youth and Employment Executive Committee is established under the framework of the Office of Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to issue recommendations and practical solution for Youth and Employment. The YaEEC moves forward and reporting against the national indicators and targets takes place consistently. It oversees the overall coordination to attain Employment and Youth within the overall guidance of the Afghanistan National Youth Policy (ANYP), Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF), the National Priority Programs (NPPS) and Follow up and Implementation of the National Labor Conference (NLC) agreements.

According to ALCS (Afghanistan’s Living Conditions Survey) released in 2014 shows 47% population under the age of 15 years and is rapidly growing with an average 3.1 percent annually. Thus, the country is faced with youth unemployment challenge mainly correlated with the slow job growth. Youth unemployment rate currently stands at an alarming 27.4%. with this prospect, unemployment is projected to increase in the country1.  The shrinking job market at home naturally drives young Afghans to look for employment abroad often through risky, irregular migration channels.

According to ILO report released on 2014 With over 400,000 Afghans entering the labor market every year and an increasing rate of internal displacement and migration on top of high unemployment and rapid urbanization, the prognosis of unemployment shows a concerning situation in the country. Therefore, the national unity government has put unemployment at its priorities, which will follow practical steps to implement employment plans.

Acoording the UNFPA released report on 2014  About 63.7 percent of Afghans are under 25 years of age, reflecting a steep ‘pyramid’ age structure whereby a large cohort of young people is slowly emerging. With education and jobs, good healthcare and empowerment, young people may contribute to a demographic dividend: a large working age population with few dependents, collectively bringing prosperity to their society.

To achieve and solve the unemployment matters and other youth challenges, the Youth and Employment Executive Committee setup the following objectives:

  • Political support of Youth empowering in social, political, cultural and economic activities ;
  • Support the youth engagement programs ;
  • Implementing the programs affecting youth employment ;
  • Education curriculum reform and development based on the market demand
  • Facilitating in private sector Projects implémentation ;
  • Active policy making and follow up ;
  • Forging active partnerships with employers for decent jobs ;
  • Supporting and encouraging entrepreneurship ;
  • Women leadership in government and private sector; and
  • Consultative process between UN agencies, donors, NGOs and governments to respond to the challenge of youth and employment

Hence the government couldn’t provide job, instead doing facilitation and support youth related programs and policies.

The Office of Chief Executive of Afghanistan expecting the UN agencies and Donors to have an integrated workforce to implement youth related programs that could be supportive, Development and Job oriented.

Shaheen Waqibeen

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