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The opportunity that should be utilized

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By: Shukria Kohistani

After cancellation of negotiation between the US and Taliban in its recent process in very days of September by the US president Donald Trump, now numerous countries are in favor of resumption of these negotiations.
In a briefing with those journalists who were accompanying the US defence secretary in his tour to Afghanistan, in Sunday October 20, the latter said that the aim is this that in a juncture of time to reach into peace and political agreement. It is a good alternative for progress. I hope to go ahead and with a political agreement join each other that be response to requirements and the goals that we want to reach them.
Previously, the special envoy of European Union (EU) also laid emphasize on resumption of the US-Taliban negotiation and intra-Afghan dialogue.
The EU envoy said that we are in favor of hurriedly resumption of US-Taliban negotiation as well as beginning of negotiation between the government of Afghanistan and Taliban.
He added that the EU and other international partners are in close working with Zalmay Khalilzad so that the negotiation between the US and Taliban be resumed and it would cause for opening of “real peace process” in Afghanistan.
Previously, NATO supported this negotiation.
The NATO Secretary General in a meeting held in London on October 14 between parliaments of member countries and partners of this pact said that continuation of violence shows non commitment of this group to sustainable peace and it is needed the Taliban to come to short of falling from their some conditions and demands.
This is in a time that UN is expressing its concern over continuation of violence in Afghanistan and has said that for ending of these violences, the direct negotiations between government and Taliban should begin.
The UN representative for Afghanistan in September 10th in UN security council meeting in connection with the situation of Afghanistan said that only solution for crisis in Afghanistan is beginning of intra-Afghan dialogue.
He added that this organization is ready to support the intra-Afghan dialogue process.
Regional countries’ support:
Pakistan, the country that always laying emphasize on its constructive presence in peace talks also supported the resumption of peace talks with Taliban.
In the margin of annual general assembly of the UN in New York, prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan negotiated with Zalmay Khalilzad about the efforts of the US, Pakistan and Afghanistan for ending of violence and ensuring of peace in Afghanistan.
The media of Pakistan reported that Khan appreciated the US efforts especially that of Khalilzad for drawing-out of Taliban to negotiating table and once more laid emphasiz on ending of violences through political negotiations.
In a ceremony held in September 18, Khan has said that his government would make effort so that the negotiation between the US and Taliban be resumed.
One day after cancellation of the US-Taliban negotiation, foreign minister of Iran has said is concerning seriously about situation in Afghanistan.
In his tweeter page, in September 8th, he wrote that the foreigners are defeated. They should leave Afghanistan and fratricide should be stopped in this country.
Foreign minister of Iran stated that his country is ready to cooperate Afghanistan government, involving sides and neighbors’ for ending of violences in this country.
On the other, China has said it supports the US-Taliban negotiations and intra-Afghan dialogue.
The spokesmen of foreign ministry of China in Sept. 23 has said that Beijing is hopeful the US and Afghan Taliban to continue negotiations.
Beside this, the Russia also expressed its hope the pause comes in Doha negotiations should not harm the efforts and achievements the US representatives and Taliban gained in their negotiations for reaching an political agreement in Afghanistan.
In Sept. 12, the spokesman of Russian foreign ministry has said that we should encourage the stakeholders to begin negotiation as soon as possible on signing of a peace deal.
In sept. 7, the US president Donald Trump has said that because of recent attack in Kabul and killing of an American soldier, negotiation with Taliban has been cancelled.
The special envoy of the US in Afghan reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad met with representatives of Taliban and also has finalized a draft of an agreement that was not approved by president Trump.

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