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The man who inspires young Afghans


As a young school student growing up in the countryside of Nangarhar province under the control of the Taliban regime in 1998, Yaser Ahmadzai’s sole source of inspiration was BBC Radio that broadcasted weekly news about innovation. His dream was to innovate, create, and build, but back then in Afghanistan, it seemed impossible to realize his dreams.
U.S.-educated senior specialist in communication, YaserAhmadzai, two decades later, dusted off his abandoned dreams; he made a car, not any special kind, but it’s homemade in his small yard, and in which Ahmadzai used different pieces of old machines.
“One day, I watched a report on a Pakistani guy who re-shaped a readymade small helicopter,” says Ahmadzai. “It moved me to young days of my life when I was school student and had lots of ideas to innovate.”
Ahamdzai listed all required-materials to make his own car. And he has a full time job which allowed him to spend roughly $1,000 on dreams he had. His stylish car can carry four people, has a music player and all necessary items.
Under the light, for one months, in the day night time, he was caught by his car. “It was fascinated when I drove my own car in the street, not someone else’s made.” says Ahmadzai, adding a smile.
He carried his dreams for twenty years. In years of 1998-1999, when the Taliban regime controlled the entire Afghanistan, Ahmadzai’s minds were occupied by ideas to create, including cars, censors, and helicopters. His idea
“I made something equal to censor and use it in a self-control car, the car which could find its way as through the homemade censors I used in.” Ahmadzai recalls.
Unlike many of his peers that left school to join the Taliban regime, Ahmadzai stayed in school and continued to push for his dreams: graduated from school, and then entered University in the Post-Taliban Afghanistan and earned bachelor degree from Kabul University. Recently, he received his master degree from the West Virginia University in the United States.
Throughout the years, I kept alive his dreams for his high purpose: to inspire young Afghans. “A large number of young Afghans have ideas to innovate and create. They think when to start. Just start your work. Do your work with what you have now. It’s time to start.” said Ahmadzai.
He thinks about beyond of his own dreams: his next dream is to establish innovation center, where as many Afghan innovators as possible would be able to realize their dreams. “I already heard from a young man who plans to work on electricity,” he states. “I even try to support financially young people from my own limit salary.”
Ezzatullah Mehrdad

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