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The Afghani: our national identity & currency


A number of residents of Kabul in their interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent have said that the Afghani, considered as the currency of Afghanistan, is our national identity. They have said that other foreign currencies particularly the Pakistani rupees should not be used in the country.
“We’re from Afghanistan; therefore, the Afghani is our national identity and it is our national responsibility to use the Afghani,” the Kabul residents said, asking the Islamic Emirate to prevent from reduction of the Afghani against foreign currencies particularly the Pakistan rupees in the country.
This reaction of Kabul residents comes following recent declaration of the Pakistan ministry of commerce on exporting 17 staples goods to Afghanistan with Pakistani rupees.
It is said that the exporting goods to Afghanistan are chicken, meat, cement, medicine, vegetables, fresh fruits, salt, rice and others.
Meanwhile, Pakistan ambassador to Kabul Mansour Ahmad Khan has said that the recent step by Pakistan has been taken in order that Afghanistan’s exports are not affected with the increasing shortage of US dollar. He considered his country’s recent economic policy as a main goal for increasing exports between the two countries.
It is worth mentioning that based on the country’s recent policy, Afghan traders should purchase and import the respective goods with Pakistani rupees. This comes after the Islamic Emirate banned the use of foreign currencies including the Pakistani rupees in Afghanistan markets.
The value of the Afghani has recently increased after the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) banned the use of foreign currencies including the Pakistani rupees in the country’s south and eastern provinces.
Nazeem, a Kabul resident, in an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent said Afghans should build their country with their own hands, stressing that the people should use the Afghani rather than other foreign currencies.
Ghulam Nabi, another resident of Kabul, by pointing to use of some foreign currencies including the Pakistan rupees in the country said Afghans would lose the national identity if they continued to use foreign currencies in businesses.
“If we want to have a bright future, love our Afghanistan and see it as a rich country, we need to develop the Afghani, which is our national currency,” Nabi said.
Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has recently declared that the use of all foreign currencies including the Pakistani rupees are banned, asking the people and national traders to use the Afghani in their all transactions and businesses. This step has been taken to improve the country’s economic situation.
In a statement issued by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) said that all countrymen, shopkeepers, traders and entrepreneurs are informed to avoid using foreign currencies and instead use the Afghani in all businesses and transactions. According to the statement, using foreign currencies has negative impacts on the country’s economy and legal action will be taken against violators. It is worth mentioning that Da Afghanistan Bank has adopted a floating exchange rate regime and has let the exchange rate be determined freely by market forces. The Afghani is now valued at around 93 afghanis to one U.S. dollar in Kabul exchange market.


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