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Terrorists committing crimes as presidential campaigns going on

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By: M.W. Qasemi

Since the start of the presidential campaigns countrywide, all candidates are now on their warm electoral race.
They are holding meetings everywhere that clearly demonstrate a real democracy (however nascent) in the country. But the enemy of the people of Afghanistan, once again showed that they are not still fed up with so long war and bloodshed. They want to continue terrorist activities and carnages as they are not ready to avoid killing innocent people.
The Taliban terrorist group didn’t sit quiet and are not sorry for their repeatedly killing of innocent people, so once again resorted to the slathering of ordinary men, women and children.
They killed at least 20 people including security forces, during their attacks on a political office, belonging to the country’s former interior minister, Amrullah Salih.
Salih is one of the country’s great personalities, honest and faithful to his country, who served as the intelligence chief or director of national security and recently as the country’s interior minister, before President Ghani’s picking him up as his led team’s first vice-president nominee. Undoubtedly killing such real politicians means that all suicide attacks and destructive activities are organized and planned outside the country.
No real Afghan is ready to commit such crime and kill the country’s known characteristics.
In the fresh incident, after the start of the presidential campaigns, unfortunately over 20 people mostly innocent men, women and children are martyred and huge numbers wounded.
The terrorist groups including the Taliban outfits believe in nothing; neither in Islamic teachings nor humanity. They just know how to kill and shed the blood of innocent Afghans, how to displace them and how to send them to other countries, to may fulfill the order of their foreign lords.
But, luckily, Salih remained unhurt and was taken to a safe area when suicide bombers attacked his office of the Green Trend.
For the government; it should tighten security of the presidential runners, electoral bodies, supporters of the candidates who are attending the campaign meetings everywhere in the country.
Media should also realize and understand their mission and should do their best to reflect the truth about any incidents including terrorist activities and growing insurgencies, particularly, during the presidential and district council electoral campaigns.
On the people; they have the responsibility to cooperate with the security organs and uncover any terrorist and criminal activities which lead to the death of the innocent countrymen or the country’s security forces.
Under the sensitive condition, all security institutions should have full coordination, particularly the country’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) or the intelligence office should absolutely remain vigilant to foil any terrorist activities across the country, particularly, the capital.

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