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Terrorist groups’ movements would be thwarted in any spot, MoD

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Amid US department of defense’s warning on Daesh and Taliban groups’ threats, Afghan Ministry of Defense says that terrorist groups’ movements would be foiled in any spot. Addressing a news conference, the spokesperson to the ministry of defense Rohullah Ahmadzai said that any terrorist group that carries out terrorist activities would be the enemy of people and Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF).
He stressed that the terrorist groups won’t be allowed to fight against our people and security forces.
Currently, ANDSF have changed their offensive posture, that’s why the terrorist groups lost their abilities against them, he added.
“ANDSF carry out air and ground operations precisely and the operations would get continued against insurgent groups,” he went on to say.
Earlier, Taliban have reported about launching ‘Alfath Operation’ but they failed to reach their goal through it and besides, areas under their control have been limited with conducting ANDSF operations, he continued.
He added fortunately, our security forces have so far had achievements on conducting operations and ensuring highways’ security.
Recently, there are report and claims about civilian casualties during operations and armed clashes, but Ahmadzai says that our security forces are committed on civilians’ safety and protection, that’s why civilian casualties’ rate has been decreased in compare with last years.
Calling Taliban responsible for civilians’ casualties, he stressed that the group uses civilians as shield.
At the same time, a number of experts believe that only pressuring Taliban group won’t help ensure peace in Afghanistan, but military pressures should be bolstered on their supporting countries.
A military expert Amanullah Aman said that Afghanistan has been in war since years and this instability has roots in abroad.
He added all world countries have realized that Afghanistan’s war is not a domestic one, but has regional and world dimensions, because, due to its geographic position in the region, Afghanistan has been changed into a competition ground for regional and world powers.
Another expert Kabir Ranjbar says there is no doubt that the regional countries can play effective role on Afghanistan’s issues, because, if Afghanistan is insecure, it would negatively affect regional and world countries’ security situation as well, thus, any country that supports terrorist groups would dig its grave by its own hands.
Experts believe that coordination and bolstering security entities is the only option that can be effective in foiling enemy’s malicious designs and can help decrease civilian casualties and it will make the terrorist groups to negotiate with the government of Afghanistan.

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