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Tens of historical artifacts along with millions of Afghanis returned home

Afghan treasure

KABUL: As many as 231 historical artifacts of the Bakhtar Treasury exhibited in various European, American, Australian and Asian countries were returned home on Tuesday, the Ministry of Information and Culture said Friday.

The objects found from Tapa-e-Falul, Aykhanum, Tellah Tapa, Bagram and Tapa-e-Zargan have been put in show for up to 13 years in the museums of different countries and visited by up to 5 million people.

According to the statement, the exhibition was for the first time held in a French Museum in November 21, 2006.

Based on a specific timeline, the exhibitions were held following signing separate agreements with any of the hosting countries, including Italy, the Netherlands, US, Canada, Germany, England, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Japan, South Korea and China, under the national and international standards, said the statement.

The total revenues from the exhibition of Afghanistan treasuries (Bakhtar Treasury), which was held in 13 world countries reached to 314 million, 319, 436.90 Afghanis which was added to the government account.

The latest exhibition of the artifacts was held in China, with $391, 042 revenues transferred to the government budget, said the statement.

Beside financial revenues, exhibition of the artifacts has had its important portion in the enlightening of public minds of the hosting countries, for the country’s cultural heritages and rich history at the world level.

Exhibitions of the country’s historical objects have also drew attention from a number of countries to return the looted historical artifacts to the country, said the statement. “The return of up to 15,000 artifacts from foreign world countries have direct relation to the held exhibition.”

In a recent measure, the coronavirus-19 pandemic caused the return of the country’s historical artifacts from Hong Kong to be restored in the country’s reservoirs for technical rest and after a while, by the direction of the cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, to be prepared for the world tour.

Hereby, the honored people of the country are informed that with the recommendation of the Ministry of Information and Culture and approval of the High Presidential Office, a professional and administrative commission has been set up to manage the explanation and emplacement of the of the Bakhtar Treasury exhibition’s historical pieces which are reached to the country and duly prepare them for the next exhibition in Afghanistan National Museum.

The commission members are representatives from government institutions, including the ministry of Finance, General Administration for the Presidential Affairs, National Directorate of Security, Attorney General Office, professionals from the committee for holding the exhibitions and professional cadres led by Afghanistan National Museum, the statement concluded.

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