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Taliban’s propaganda, misuse of deal with US

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As it is seen, Taliban at different levels, misusing signing of peace deal with Americans as an excuse for their propagation exploitation.
In a message released following the signing of peace deal, Taliban leader Mullah Hibatullah attempted to consider the agreement as a victory for Taliban and a historical failure for Americans and tried to inculcate this conception to his addresses that his group has managed (in his opinion) to conclude occupation of Afghanistan. He and his insurgents considering the agreement with Americans as a proof of their right stance and way. This is indeed a vain effort and ineffective attempt to overshadow public opinions.
According to the Afghan people as well as public opinion in the Islamic world, since the long past, this group has been a hardliner and extremist group who has been rioting and uprising against a legitimate and legal administration. Since the outset, this group has been involved in killing of Afghan people and devastation of this land. Their actions have been called illegal and against Islamic rules by religious scholars inside and outside Afghanistan and condemned widely.
The Taliban promoted suicide attacks in the society as a legitimate mean while it is not slightly adaptable with religious instructions. Every year this group assassinates thousands of innocent Afghans both military and civilians while they were not allowed to kill them. Taliban devastated our economic infrastructures which were built from the public budget and global aids and were used by a Muslim nation.
Taliban have been fighting a legal and legitimate administration that has been established based on a constitutional Loya Jirga with the participation of thousands of Afghans and has under taken responsibility of the country. This administration has been legalized by citizens through partnership in a nationwide election.
There is a big difference between Republic and self-proclaimed Emirate of Taliban. Taliban Emirate is imposing of the opinion of a group on all people through force and presure and even torture and killing of citizens, while Republic is a legitimate system that has been established based on accepted norms and principles at global levels, including that of the Islamic countries. The rulers of the republic are accountable to people while Taliban Emirate leaders call themselves representatives of Allah on the earth and rule over the servant of Allah according to their opinion and impose whatever they want on them.
Being supported by foreign countries, Taliban militants have been killing plenty of innocent Muslims in the territory of an Islamic country, which is totally against Islamic rules while Holy Quran and Islam has forbidden even killing of a single innocent person.
The Taliban deal with Americans, with support of some regional and trans-regional countries which has plenty of ambiguous angles, cannot be a proof of their right position and they cannot consider it as the order for “End of Occupation”. In all these previous years, the Taliban insurgency and bloody violence have been a strong reason behind presence of foreign troops.

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