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Taliban’s persistent violence to harm peace efforts

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Taliban have been using all means of violence against the Afghan government and people across the country amid intensified efforts for peace, Taliban using various types of violence, including target assassinations, robbery, hostage-taking, kidnapping, suicide attacks, destruction of economic infrastructures and public property and conspiracy against Afghan national interests through psychological propaganda.
Many of these actions are among those violent plans which are carried out on the daily basis in all parts of Afghanistan. If the Taliban has a benevolent intention about peace and war in the country, why they do not accept the ceasefire and not stop killing innocent civilians.
Recently, the US and NATO forces commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Scott Miller, in a visit to the northern province of Faryab said the Taliban must reduce violence as it remains high amidst peace efforts.
“We did talk about the violence,” Miller said about his meeting with officials during his trip. “We’re trying to understand, make sure we understand the violence and really this is about the Afghan security forces protecting the Afghan people. But we all acknowledge that violence is too high, and the Taliban must lower their violence.”
Violence remains high in the country amidst the ongoing peace negotiations in Doha between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban negotiating teams. The start of the direct negotiations has faced delay over two disputed points on the procedural rules. So far, the contact groups of both sides have held seven meetings to discuss procedural rules for the negotiations.
Streams of blood oozing from sliced throats and tears flowing from puffy eyes reflect the heart-wrenching stories of Afghan nation. Here, life is full of sorrow and disappointment. Carnage and bloodshed appear to be endless as far as the Taliban do not declare ceasefire. Militancy continues unabated despite the glimmer of hope emerged following the downfall of the Taliban’s regime and later the signing of peace deal between the Taliban and the United States.
Despite signing peace deal with the United States, the Taliban militants have intensified their attacks against the Afghan government. The tragic aspect of the war in Afghanistan is highly salient since non-combatants sustained heavy casualties within the past two decades as the Taliban are unwilling to declare ceasefire or reduce their violence.
Afghans have called on the Taliban militants to stop violence against the Afghan government, especially as major parts of the foreign troops were left the country and the rest are preparing to withdraw too and reduce violence. As consultative Loya Jirga was held to discuss the release of Taliban prisoners, and the Afghan people showed their will for stability in their war-torn country with pardoning thousands of Taliban militants, now it is the time for the group to give up violence and join their fellow countrymen and take part in development of the country.
Afghans hope that the Taliban will respect their calls and hold talks with the Afghan government. It is evident that the violence and bloodshed will not lead to peace in Afghanistan and the Taliban will not win through the war strategy.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.