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Taliban’s continued enmity with peace, stability in Afghanistan

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The Taliban leadership continues its talks with the US representatives and its war against Afghan state and nation. It has adopted an equivocal policy which triggers mixed feelings. The Taliban’s war-war and talk-talk approach narrows down the possibility for peace. If the peace talks in Qatari capital of Doha, does not mitigate violence in Afghanistan, people will lose their hope and trust in the process. 
Civilian death toll has increased in the wake of the Taliban’s deadly attacks in recent days in different provinces of the country. On Thursday, at least ten people were killed and 42 others were wounded in a car bomb attack in Kabul.
The attack took place at around 10:10 am local time after a suicide car bomber detonated his explosive close to a National Directorate of Security (NDS) checkpoint in the heavily fortified area in Shashdarak of Kabul. The attack took place near government dailies building, where The Kabul Times daily is located.
The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and claimed to have targeted a foreign forces convoy which was entering an NDS facility in the area. But it seems the attack mostly targeted civilians and even resulted to injuries of media men and women working for different government dailies inside their offices.
The attack happened three days after a truck bomb attack targeted Green Village compound in the east of Kabul that martyred 16 people and wounded 119 others including foreigners.
The Taliban claim that their ideology had been moderated, but on the other hand, they carry out large-scale attacks to disturb Afghans’ peaceful life and prevent them from routine works and participating in the democratic processes. The Taliban have to clarify it if the view of their political leaders is in contrast with those of their military commanders.
Taliban neither have respect to the rights and dignity of Afghan people nor to their demands. Afghans have time and again called upon them to join peace and shun violence, but they have continued their militancy and civilian massacre in each and every corner of the country.
The Afghan government has left no stone unturned to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table, but if the Taliban still continue their militancy, all regional states have to support Afghanistan in dismantling the Taliban group.
The regional countries should also share intelligence to defeat this group. If any countries are found or suspected to support the Taliban in one way or another, they must be pressured and sanctioned by all regional and global stakeholders. Taliban has already shown to the world their enmity with peace and stability in Afghanistan.
To preserve last eighteen years gains, successes and democracy, a more cohesive & unified regional approach is a must regarding terrorist groups, including Taliban. Afghanistan’s neighbors should give up their dual policy and instead play an effective & strong role to confront the nexus of transnational criminal activities.
The inflow of resources that finance and support the terrorist activities, mainly the Taliban group, such as trafficking of weapons and chemical precursors do arrive from outside of Afghanistan, and then being used against the Afghan civilians should be prevented and there is a need to have a regional comprehensive approach in combating this menace.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.