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Taliban’s continued destructive activities

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Taliban in a series of military operations during the last days have afflicted heavy losses to the highways of the country which caused serious problems to passengers and merchants. BNA social affairs analyst commenting on issue writes: Taliban since the commencement of their fighting until today have used sabotaging the economy of the country, destructing infrastructures and weakening the moral of people as a war techniques. They during their presence in political and military arena of Afghanistan for more than 25 years have considered destructions and losses as a war technique inflected heavy losses in to economy of the country.
What Taliban consider as a war technique is a strategic dream that has been designed by Pakistan during the last seventy years against Afghanistan and now taking the rein of Taliban in its hand, has prepared the ground for implementing that evil strategy in practice to achieve its ambitious objectives. During the most recent developments, Taliban in their attacks have afflicted the most losses in to the highways of the country. The highways in every country are considered as the economic artillery, therefore, Taliban with instruction of aliens who consider economic sabotaging of Afghanistan the priority of their war in Afghanistan in their anti – Afghan campaign mostly target the highways of the country.
As recently, Taliban destroyed some parts of Kabul – Kandahar high way planting mines in Wardak and Ghazni areas and damaged the bridges. They also, destroyed a part of Ghazni – Paktia highway and did the same barbaric practice on high way connect Juzjan and Faryab provinces.
Taliban damaging the highways that created problems for passengers and afflicted heavy losses to the merchants of the country. Taliban committing this crime have caused the closure of schools located along the highways, because the schools have faced with serious security threats, therefore the teachers and students dare not to attend the classrooms.
These satanic activities indicate that Taliban have not satisfied with terror, explosions, suicide and arson but pursue economic sabotage as the priority of their destruction and damaging mission in Afghanistan that cannot be justifiable but one can say that they by the instruction and command of the enemies of Afghanistan are seeking not only destroy the infrastructure of the country but want to eliminate the humanity as a whole.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.