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Taliban’s continued attack on civilians concerning

Debated hotly in recent years, peace talks seem a gleam of hope for Afghan nation in the new year too. Afghans, who left a deadly year behind, desire that warring factions would reach a consensus with Afghan government and its international allies on the peace table.
Despite the fact that peace talks made the national and international headlines within several years in the past without a tangible result, Afghans still hope peace will resurface through negotiations and a ceasefire to be stablished among the warring parties.
Besides Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, the heavy sacrifices paid by Afghan civilians within the past decade and so are indescribable. Afghans suffered untold sorrow and their rights and freedoms were trampled upon in the worst possible way.
Terrorist networks, mainly the Taliban, violated humanitarian law flagrantly across the country. That is, they carried out indiscriminate attacks against people with not enough concerns shown by international community. Similarly, the Taliban spilt the blood of people under the guise of Islamic State so as to escape the public shaming. They even hidden themselves in civilian houses to target the Afghan security forces.
Years of war and violence inflicted much pain and sufferings upon Afghan men and women. Now even though peace remains as a dream-never-come-true for Afghan individuals, hope and pray for peace and prosperity linger among the nation and they are willing that the new year to be a year of peace and development for the country.
With the ongoing heated discussions regarding peace talks, a number of Afghans tend to believe that peace will be a dream come true for the country, if the regional countries give up interferences into Afghan affairs and support the Afghan-led peace talks. They also demand the regional countries to denounce militant’s attacks on public.
The civil society activists and residents held a protest gathering in northern Balkh province on Sunday and urged the Taliban militants to stop their attacks on people amid ongoing peace negotiations.They strongly condemned the latest attacks in Kabul and Helmand provinces and asked the government to take further security measures for people’s safety.
They said attacks on the New Year (Nowruz) celebration event in Kabul and a gathering of farmers in Helmand province showed the Taliban’s disregard for people lives. They expressed their deep concern about sidelining the Afghan government in the ongoing peace talks abroad and feared the process would produce a dangerous outcome.
Afghans, who have borne the brunt of terrorism and insurgency, have no choice other than hoping for peace and stability in every New Year. It is hoped the new year will be void of violence. It is also hoped that the US and Taliban talks not to affect the achievements made in the last eighteen years. As the strategic alley of Afghan government, US should spare no effort to ease Afghan-led peace talks, rather to reach agreement sans Afghan government’s participation.
As the only legitimate system which came through people’s vote, the Afghan government has the authority to decide on Afghans’ destiny and should be part of the all processes. Without participation of the Afghan government, the process would not bring any positive result, rather would further deteriorate the situation. Meanwhile Taliban should also shun militancy and avoid targeting the innocent masses and hidden themselves in civilian houses. As the efforts intensified for peace, Taliban should do more to win the trust of negotiating sides and accept Afghans call for a peaceful Afghanistan.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.