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Taliban would not succeed in battlefields: NATO chief

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By: Suraya Raiszada

While peace efforts are in progress by the US and the Afghan government, NATO authorities emphasizing on a political settlement of Afghan conflicts said that best choice is this to pave the way of peace in support of ANSDF.
In his recent statements on reduction of violence’s in talks between the US and Taliban, NATO SG Yeers Stolelenbarge said that Taliban should be committed to reduction of violences and a peaceful future for Afghanistan.
Addressing the media in the wake of NATO’s defense ministers’ meeting in Brussels, he hadded ANSDF are being empowered and best way for creation of peaceful conditions in Afghanistan is train, advise and assist of ANSDF.
Addressing the Taliban, NATO chief said Taliban would not succeed in battlefields and should be ready to reduction of violence and intra-Afghan dialogue. NATO tries to advance Afghan peace process. NATO would remain here until creation of peace.
He added, Taliban cannot reach their goals through war or overcome in the battlefields, NATO is committed to support ANSDF.
Former military officer Jawed Kohistani said, “No doubt NATO forces have done a lot of works in the fields of security, development and training of Afghan security forces.
Prior to this appreciating ANSDF sincere war on terror, he said we have been witnessing capability and effectiveness of ANSDF that indicated strong military-political leadership of this country.
NATO chief assured on continued long term cooperation for Afghanistan development particularly ANSDF support.
Calling important and valuable role in European countries particularly NATO members, the Afghan government expressed gratitude for this support and cooperation in all fields particularly training of ANSDF.
NATO member states specially the US have said recently that Afghanistan need intra-Afghan peace and they want to pave the way of talks between the Afghan government and Taliban.
Members of Afghan senate say that Afghanistan is facing security threats and external interferences , therefore they would support and cooperate specially NATO could be useful to hartel enemies attacks and improve ANSDF combat capabilities.
ANTO and the US have committed to support ANSDF until their self-sufficiency, specially our Air Forces.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.