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Taliban war has no legitimacy

Taliban fighters in eastern Nangarhar Province attend a surrender ceremony in 2016. Rahman Safi/Xinhua via Getty Images

Over 200 religious scholars and about 57 Islamic countries in two meetings held in Jeddah and Makka of Saudi Arabia said that the war of Taliban is illegal and also added that in anyway continuation of this war is not in accord with Islamic teachings and also is illegal.

They wanted from both sides of war to solve the current quarrel via negotiation and make effort for ensuring peace and security in Afghanistan.

The participants of both meetings wanted instead of continuation of bloodshed that is not in accord with Islamic teachings, the armed Taliban should set in a negotiation table and solve their dispute with government of Afghanistan and simultaneous with this, the Imam of Nabavi mosque in sermon of Friday prayer of last week demanding for termination of war in Afghanistan and added that he welcomes the stance of these scholars of Islam.

The position of ulama is clear completely and documented. Because, Afghanistan is an Islamic country and over 99 percent people of this country believe in Islam.

The laws ruling in Afghanistan are stemming from Islamic Sharia. Its people perform prayer and in holy month of Ramadan, they take fast. The Fridays’ prayers performing. The courts of the country make decision on the issues according to Islamic orders and implement Islamic Sharia in all dimensions of their life.

This proves that with such a state, Afghanistan is an Islamic country and its people are muslim. The courts order according to Quranic instructions, so resorting to violence against such nation is riot and is in contradiction with all Islamic rites.

Additionally, what is continuing in Afghanistan and the terrorist groupings are resorting to it and is changed into their permanent behaves is murdering of innocent people through suicide attacks and explosions that annually thousands of such people are murdering by them,while in anyway such killings has no legal reasons.

Holy Quran says: killing of one person is equal with killing of all people of the society and forbids people from killing sans any reason.

The blood of muslims should be respected. The muslims blood, property and chastity should be safeguarded, with performing of suicide attacks and explosion in holy places such as mosques, shrines and religious ceremonies, the terrorist groupings kill hundreds and thousands muslim people and shed their bloods and sat their dears in mourning and make orphan numerous children.

It seems that such acts are not in accord with Islamic teachings in anyway.

In the meetings of Jeddah and Makka, the religious scholars representing the Islamic world, regarded such acts and behaves as illegal and in contradiction with Islamic sharia.

This means that the war fought by Taliban and other terrorists are anti-Islamic and inhumane. Because, they kill the soldiers who are serving for safeguarding of honor and chastity of Islamic nation.

This indicates that there is no any pretext for Taliban and other such groups to continue their terrorist activities, the war that forbids by religious scholars in world level.

It is necessary that the leaders of these groupings in response to the decision of Islamic ulama refrain from more war, bloodshed and violence, join peace process and express their readiness for a tit-for-tat negotiation with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to solve disputes and lay an ending point to present challenges.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.