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Taliban to toughen stance over peace talks if opportunities missed

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After a parallel inauguration by the State-building team, it is feared that the Taliban would toughen their stance over an intra-Afghan peace deal expected to be held in the near future.
In a fresh assertion, the Taliban representatives who signed a peace accord with the US, said they would never accept the release of Taliban prisoners unless they were on their given captive list.
The release of up to 5,000 prisoners and withdrawal of foreign forces, the outfit is persisting should be released in one time, part of the agreement to attend an intra-Afghan peace talks. However, Zalmay Khalilzad US special envoy for Afghanistan peace reconciliation has said that US will not ask for permission anyone for withdrawal as it didn’t when coming to Afghanistan.
Soon after his oath-taking ceremony, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the country’s president-elect issued a decree, under which, up to 1,500 of Taliban prisoners should be released within limited times.
But the Taliban said they wouldn’t accept the release of prisoners, based on their age, termination of their sentences or those are very ill.
Experts also believed any delay in the direct talks with the Taliban would create irreparable losses, as time is passing away, and the US and its allies are gradually withdrawing their forces from the country.
On the other, the announcement of a parallel government by the Stability and Partnership team is apparently hurdling peace process, particularly an intra-Afghan deal hoped to end the 18-year war in the country.
Likewise, the country’s security and defense forces are stuck to what to do amid growing tension between the two sides, while they are facing serious momentums from militants across the country.
If the dispute between the Afghan politicians continues, some neighboring countries will resume their interferences in the country’s political issues and the Taliban will intensify their attacks and offensives as the season is getting warmer, then the ordinary people will only be the victims.
So, this is logical and near to a sound thought for the rival team to accept its defeat and shape a strong opposition party instead of announcing a parallel government.
The country’s politicians shouldn’t miss the available opportunities for peace as an international consensus is seen working for the process’s success in the war-torn Afghanistan.
The people of Afghanistan should also wisely step up with the Islamic republic of Afghanistan and support the elected system in its plan to appoint an inclusive delegation consisted of representatives from the people of different stratum and go ahead with one voice alongside the country’s security and defense forces.

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