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Taliban take revenge from civilians after battlefield defeat

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Amid intensifying suicide attacks over the last days, officials of the ministry for interior say that consecutive defeats of the Taliban group on battlegrounds have caused them to start targeting civilian.
Recently, to mark ‘International Narcotics Day’, pointing at the suicide attack on procurement department of the defense ministry, acting minister of interior Massoud Andarabi said that following successive defeats of the Taliban group on battlefields, they were making effort to get better position in peace process.
He added the group has sustained heavy casualties on battlefields and their leadership has been badly harmed over the last months and we can say that their war machine has failed.
He stressed that as the peace talks are getting more serious, the Taliban were making effort to intensify war and take the control of many districts in a bid to get better position in peace process, but they failed.
He clarified that Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have effective plans to foil Taliban’s operative plan and prevent their attacks on civilians.
He said that pressures would be continued on Taliban unless they join peace process, accept constitution and respect Afghan people’s basic values.
Simultaneously, with intensification of clashes between the Afghan security forces and Taliban insurgents in a number of provinces, 7th round of talks is ongoing between the US and Taliban representatives and both sides are hoped to reach an agreement on restoring lasting peace.
Reporting about conducting operations against Taliban group’s movement, the ministry of defense says that the Taliban offensive attacks have been pushed back and they sustained heavy casualties.
According to media office of the defense ministry, as many as 104 Taliban group’s members have been killed during 12 operations conducted in fifteen provinces.
Lawmakers say that the areas under control of insurgents can be hardly cleared by Afghan security forces, but after passing a short period of time, those areas are left again and insurgents can easily take their control. Head of Meshrano Jirga’s domestic security commission Hashim Alokozay says that when the Afghan security forces retake a district, they stay there for one or two days, after which the Taliban take that area again.
He suggested that when a district or a strategic area is cleared of the Taliban insurgents, needed forces should be deployed there to prevent retaking of those areas by the Taliban again. A military expert Atiqullah Amarkhil said that when security officials ordered war, the opposing side won’t stay calm, therefore, war will get intensified.
He added that the problems on battlegrounds are expected to be solved so the Afghan security forces can have better achievements.

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