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Taliban sustain heavy casualties in Badghis, MoD

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With starting of spring season, Taliban started and intensified their attacks on various districts in particular Bala Murghab in Badghis. Taliban are trying to take control of the key district in the province. Officials for ministry of defense say reinforcements have been dispatched to the province and Taliban have sustained heavy casualties after Afghan air force stroke enemy’s positions multiple times.
This comes as heavy clashes have been ongoing in Bala Murghab district for the past few days. Since attacking on the district by Taliban, nearly 250 national police personnel were besieged in the district police headquarters where all were saved from the enemy’s besiege soon after reinforcements arrived in the district.
Head of Badghis provincial council told media that ground and air operations launched by Afghan security and defense forces in the district and have broken the enemy’s besiege, which is a big achievement for the Afghan security forces.
Although death toll of armed Taliban insurgents has not been reported, but local sources and officials have said that Haji Lala, one of top commanders of the Taliban group has been killed in the respective district.
Meanwhile, governor of Badghis Abdul Ghafoor Malikzai by rejecting reports in connection with falling the district and police headquarters to the hand of Taliban assured that no place would fall to the Taliban in the province as Afghan special forces were in the area.
Earlier reports had emerged suggesting that the control of the district center and police headquarters have fallen into the hands of Taliban. However, the security institutions rejected the reports as baseless.
Previously, acting minister of defense Asadullah Khalid on his visit to northern provinces of the country had said that the new 1398 year would be a challenging year as Taliban would intensify their attacks on ADNSF to get further concessions in ongoing peace talks, stressing that the country’s security and defense forces were also well-prepared to foil all planning and attacks of the enemy.On the other hand, Afghan senators by pointing to recent attacks of the Taliban group in a number of provinces of the country said Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) should review their combat tactics against the armed Taliban group.
They are stressing that the country’s defense and security organs should review their defense and security policy although they have the capabilities to fight the enemy and defend the people and country.
It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan National Security Council has recently approved new security plan named “Khalid” to maintain security for upcoming presidential elections and address threats posed by armed insurgent groups in volatile areas of the country.
Suraya Raiszada

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