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Taliban summons key commanders to Pakistan, security organs

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Although efforts are underway for peace talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban in various countries in the region, unfortunately Taliban has responded any peace efforts with increasing violence in the country.
Afghanistan security organs say Taliban commanders have been summoned by Pakistan intelligence agencies for starting the new phase of spring war in Afghanistan.
Pakistan’s intelligence agency has summoned the Taliban’s shadow governors and commanders to wage war in Afghanistan, said Nazar Ali Wahidi, the deputy head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) in a meeting in Afghanistan senate.
“The majority of Taliban governors and military officials have been summoned to Peshawar and Ganj of Pakistan to prepare for the war in Afghanistan,” said Nazar Ali Wahidi, the deputy head of the NDS.
He added that Afghan National Defense and Secuirty Forces (ANDSF) would fight against Taliban in battlefield and the group’s any violent attacks would be foiled by the Afghan forces in case the ongoing peace process failed.
On the other hand, Afghanistan government officials have repeatedly asked the Pakistani government to convince Taliban for reduction in violence and accepting ceasefire in Afghanistan.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in side-line of the 9th Hear of Asia – Istanbul conference held this week in Tajikistan’s Dushanbe met with Pakistan foreign affairs minister Shah Mahmoud Quraishi, discussing Afghanistan peace process. In the meeting, Quraishi stressed that Pakistan was supporting Afghanistan to reach peace and stability.
Meanwhile, officials for Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior said there are credible intelligence reports that the insurgents are trying to take over provincial capitals, but saying that the country’s defense and security forces would not allow them to capture any districts or provinces of the country.
“The enemy is trying to launch new attacks to gain points in the political arena,” said Mohammad Anwar Baripal, deputy minister of interior.
Also, the first deputy minister of defense Iqbal Ali Naderi said that all provinces of the country were under threats of the Taliban group, but saying that the country’s defense and security forces were well-prepared to defend.
This comes amid of increasing insecurities, violent attacks of the Taliban, targeted killings and IED blast in various parts of the country despite the fact that peace efforts are underway for maintaining peace and stability in the country.
Meanwhile, Afghan political and military experts say the country’s defense and security organs are obliged to provide all necessary supplies to the country’s defense and security forces fighting against Taliban in remote areas of the country so that they can defend the people and help maintain better security.
It is worth mentioning that preparations are being made for the coming Istanbul conference set to be held in Turkey in April. The conference will be attended by Afghanistan government and Taliban negotiating teams and other political leaders of Afghanistan.


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