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Taliban still insist on war despite peace efforts going on

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Since the beginning of peace talks, Taliban militants had not still shown to have been fixable to stop war and observe ceasefire.
Thousands of innocent Afghans either killed or wounded during the fierce conflicts launched by the militants in various parts of the country.
Hundreds militants loyal to the Daesh terrorist network have recently surrendered government forces or abandoned war, mostly in their hotbed, Nangarhar province. But the Taliban group who is one of the key sides of peace talks, yet to honor a ceasefire, which is critically required in helping the process get success.
Over the last many years – during several periods of peace talks held between the government and the Taliban representatives in the Arab country of Qatar and some other countries, the Taliban who are apparently planned to attend a fate-making peace process which is hoped to follow a lasting peace in the war suffered nation, yet to honor a truce to make the government of Afghanistan or the international community optimistic for continuation of the process.
They don’t spare any effort to kill innocent in different pretexts let alone their attacks on security forces of their bombing public properties.
US, Germany and other international stakeholders in Afghanistan issue, have recently announced that they would definitely stay alongside the government and people of Afghanistan and would do their best support, train and advise the Afghan security forces for long unspecific period. This means that when Taliban are not ready to honor a ceasefire, they have to remain on alert to defend their mission and relation with Afghanistan until a lasting peace and stability was restored.
US Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Monday this week, said that any future troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, wouldn’t neccesarily linked to a deal with Taliban insurgents, however he didn’t deny some lowering of force levels may happen irrespectively of the ongoing peace push.
The US also hoped a ceasefire, if honored by all sides, could lead to a significant reduction in violence.
On the other, German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer who appeared at a news conference last week, in Kabul said Berlin will help Afghanistan to achieve peace and would stay in Afghanistan, until needed.
The defense minister also spoke about Germany’s readiness to extend its troops’ mission in Afghanistan.
All foreigners with military mission in Afghanistan would never leave the country, unless to make sure that long truce is observed and a real peace talks is resumed.
The Taliban should not label ordinary people their enemy and shouldn’t attack security forces everywhere, when they are not directly deployed against them in the battlefield and they should not pave the way for the stay of foreign forces in Afghanistan.
So the need for the Taliban to remain obedient of their Islamic faith would absolutely require them to first respect ceasefire following peace negotiation with any side, as their refusal of any truce would only harms the ordinary people and civilians.
The Taliban, if have firm willingness for peace, should join a direct peace talks with the government representatives, as the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has time and again pledged to prepare them political office inside Afghanistan—a short way for negotiation rather to visit other countries.

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