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Taliban should stop violence & join peace process

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By: Lailuma Noori

Today, Taliban’s mediator asking the group for ceasefire in Afghanistan is the world’s superpower, entering Afghanistan to root out international terrorism, but now wants to withdraw from the country by dealing with a terrorist group. What is true is that Taliban has no excuse for continuation of war and violence in the country. With full US and NATO troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, no pretext for continued for war and violence in the country.
If Taliban’s war is for engagement in political power and partnership, they should respect all international values, agree on creation of a peace government and end violence in the country. Otherwise, fighting to capture Kabul will be merely a dream which won’t come true. Continued war of the Taliban group to get power will result in a civil war in the country and Taliban will be responsible for it.
Fighting against Afghanistan government is considered as the worst option of the Taliban group after full US and NATO troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Taliban’s chance for militarily win the war is almost zero. Continued fighting of Taliban will further harm the group’s current political position for Afghanistan future.
Afghanistan government from the perspective of military force is in a better position comparing to the Taliban group. This superiority can be seen in all sections as training, skills, equipment and arms of the Afghan security forces. Implementation of peace in Afghanistan is facing with lots of perplexities as postponement in the intra-Afghan talks between Taliban and Afghanistan government has caused that a range of factors or countries seeking their interests in Afghanistan war and peace have entered the process. If the interests of these countries are addressed, the country’s peace process will succeed.
Valid international documents from the UN agencies to the UNSC member countries particularly US Department of State, all world countries and media have known that the root of most terrorist attacks in Kabul and other provinces of the country is in Pakistan. The country has changed to a safe haven for international terrorist groups planning terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. Currently, dozens of terrorist groups most of which are in the UN and US blacklists are operating in Pakistan, where they are supported, equipped and armed by the country’s ISI. The Pakistani government and its servants have perpetrated heavy crimes in Afghanistan. In the continued undeclared war, Pakistan is considered as the first and main factor of Afghanistan’s deadly tragedy. It is time that the country should end its continued undeclared war against Afghanistan and honestly cooperate with Afghans to reach lasting peace and stability. The more insecurities and war increase, the more need for stability and peace is felt. The people of Afghanistan have experienced the war for the past 40 years as they have witnessed worst consequences of the continued war in their lives. Afghans have been tired of violence, war and insecurities and are asking for peace and stability in their country. As Afghanistan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Muhib in his recent remarks has said that Pakistan should stop relations with terrorist groups to cooperate with Afghanistan in peace process, it is time to prove to the world that Afghans have a common heart which is Afghanistan and they’re ready to defend regardless of any tribal, religious and language considerations.

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