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Taliban should stop targeting civilians

kabul bomb

Taliban have intensified violence once again in recent days. Escalating a series of insurgency movements, suicide attacks and explosions as well as armed clashes, Taliban have caused tens of injuries and killings. On Monday, Taliban razed to the ground large number of civilians with attack on a MoD installation adjacent to a residential complex in PD-16 surrounded by private houses, sport, cultural, commercial markets and media facilities. The data of injured was released 105 people as half of them students. The MoE has confirmed injuring of over 50 students.
Taliban representatives are involved in negotiations with US special representative for Afghan reconciliation in seventh round of peace talks in Doha, the capital city of Qatar and both sides have claimed certain advances and said that the talks have approached to sensitive stages.
In the opinion of the Afghan people, peace has a meaning or value only when it leads to end of violence and bloodshed, no drop of blood would be shed on the ground, no family lose its dears, no sound of explosion be heard and no flame be ignited due to attacks.
People ask both sides until current bloodshed are not stopped forever, these talks would not kill any pain or heal any wound. People ask the Americans, if these round of talks that have reached sensitive stage, fail to conclude violence, what does it mean that you still continue the negotiations and are silent against actions of your interlocutors?
Therefore, it would be better to stop these talks and it should not be resumed until Taliban would give up violence.
Afghans also ask the Taliban that you talk to bring peace in Afghanistan and support peace, why you continue killing of people? Why you don’t stop explosions and suicide attacks? You Taliban that in your opinion are fighting to end (occupation) and want to force foreign troops to leave Afghanistan, why kill innocent Afghans including women and children and other poor civilians?
At present you are fighting against Afghans not against foreigners and you shed the blood of Muslim Afghans. People ask Taliban why you kill civilians, which religion and sharia have allowed you to kill civilians?
If you mean to defend Islam and Mohammad an (PBUH) sharia and establish an Islamic rule, that religion has allowed even killing of no person without legal reason and permit and Islam has considered killing of even one innocent person without legal reasons as killing of whole society.
The one who kills a Muslim deliberately, would be liable to hell according to Holy Quran and would remain there forever and deserve big punishment in the next world. Islam holy religion allows nobody including you to kill people including women and children.
People ask you to stop killing, conclude violence, talk with Americans and want them to give you whatever you want.
Allah may give you the power to expel foreigners from our country and implement your slogan to end their domination, but don’t kill Afghans and don’t make mournful the Afghan Muslim families, don’t make Afghan children orphan and Afghan women widow, don’t send message of death to Afghans.

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