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Taliban should shun violence and become a mainstream in Afghanistan

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Amid ongoing peace efforts by the government of Afghanistan, its allies and regional countries, aiming to build national and international consensus for peace talks between Afghan government and the Taliban, the group has continued its bloodshed campaign and showed the world that they were no longer interested in peace and stability and want persistent violence and insecurity.
Meanwhile, members of the Security Council on Tuesday condemned the announcement by the Taliban of a spring offensive, which will only result in more unnecessary suffering and destruction for the Afghan people. The statement says that members of the Security Council recognized the Afghan people’s strong desire for sustainable peace in Afghanistan. They underscored that calls for more fighting will not advance the goal of making a sustainable peace.
The members of the Security Council called on all parties to the conflict to seize the opportunity to begin an inclusive intra-Afghan dialogue and negotiations that result in a political settlement. The members reiterated the importance of an inclusive Afghan-led and-owned peace process for the long-term prosperity and stability of Afghanistan and expressed their full support for the Afghan Government’s efforts to that end.
The Taliban’s announcement of spring offensives indicated that they don’t believe in peace in Afghanistan. If this group really believed in peace, they would have accepted Afghans call for ceasefire and send their representatives to the general Jirga that would come from all parts of the country.
Despite the fact that the Taliban played a foul game in the past and carried out large-scale attacks, Afghan government still leaves open the door to negotiation. The Taliban are most unlikely to reduce insurgency and join peace process, which will be a pyrrhic victory for Afghanistan.
If Doha meeting could not produce a desirable result for reducing violence in the country, then the regional agreements to combat terrorism with strong force should be implemented. Both diplomatic and military ways have to be pursued but if the Taliban persist on their insurgency, no chance for talks should be given to them anymore.
As per National Unity Government leaders’ views, the peacebuilding in Afghanistan, calls for an inclusive peace vision that ensures the interests of all players. At the national level, the government has taken all the necessary measures to improve good governance in order to distribute all the resources and opportunities equally among the Afghan citizens and it shall ensure what are the concerns of all Afghans, including the minority groups and women in the peace process as well.
Therefore, the government introduced a 250-member delegation for peace talks with Taliban. The delegation is consisted of all strata of the society and was established after detailed discussions in High Reconciliation Council.
This is a unique opportunity for Taliban to project their peace vision to Afghans, the regional, cross regional and international actors. Afghans have always raised their voices for a stable Afghanistan leads to a stable region that can enjoy peace and partnership in economic and security areas. The Taliban and their masters should know that continuation of their bloodshed campaigns would never bear a positive result, hence would further help the Afghans to be committed in war on terror and suppressing of the terrorists that threaten the life of the innocent masses and security in Afghanistan.

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