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Afghans once again curse terrorists

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By: Lailuma Noori

The recent attack took place in 16th PD of the capital Kabul ended with killing five terrorists. The attack followed with live and financial losses and the Taliban claimed its responsibly.
According to the interior ministry’s spokesperson Nasrat Rahimi, 84 people were injured and 3 others killed in this attack.
Likewise, 210 people who were stuck in the area had been rescued by the Afghan security forces, he added.
This comes as the spokesperson to the public health ministry Wahidullah Mayar declared the number of injured 105.
The spokesperson to the ministry of education Nooria Nehzat said that 50 students have been injured in the attack.
Such attacks show that the terrorists are not only the defenders of Islamic values, but also they know nothing about this, and act in contrary with holy religion of Islam, Quran and Nabawi Sunnah.
Those who commit suicide attacks and explosions and enjoy killing humans lack Islamic and religious knowledge.
To analyze Kabul’s recent heartbreaking incident, it should be mentioned that the Taliban insurgents are given order by foreign intelligence agencies. There is no doubt that the regional intelligence agencies are involved in the country’s insecurities.
Pakistan supports Taliban and sends them to Afghanistan to fight against security forces. However, it has committed to the international community to cooperate in fighting terrorism, but it has never done so.
Pakistan has always been trying to practice its malicious goals through different ways in Afghanistan.
To prevent terrorist attacks in the country, security entities should act actively and seriously.
However, a deadly silence rules the people’s live after any suicide attack and explosion, but Kabul is also a place to live and its citizens are making effort to have a good life. They ask the government to do its best ensure security throughout the country.
Over the last more than four decades, millions of our countrymen have been martyred, disabled, maimed, orphaned and widowed.
Civilians have been bearing such incidents with their lives for long. Thus, Taliban should respect international humanitarian regulations until they reach a peace agreement and prevent targeting civilians.
Figures suggest that recent peace efforts with the Taliban failed to reduce violence rate in the country.
With their recent suicide attack, terrorists have once again been cursed by the Afghan people.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.