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Taliban should discuss their demands on negotiation table

taliban fighters listen 1500 26 oct 2016

But the HPC called every Taliban demand as a precondition for starting of peace talks and said that such preconditions create problems ahead of peace.

A member of HPC Executive Board Mohammad Ismaeal Qasemyar emphasized that prior to start of peace talks, no conditions should be set up and the Afghan government should also take into account this issue. Our principle has been the unconditional talks, if there are conditions, they should be discussed on table and be agreed there.

For example, if their demand is release of Taliban prisoners, this issue could be simply discussed on peace talks table.

According to a Reuters recent report, a number of Taliban authorities have shared certain information on start of peace talks and release of their prisoners with them. The report that was rejected by Taliban, said that for the start of peace talks with Afghan government, the Taliban requested release of their prisoners including Anas Haqqani.

Confirming that HPC members have been in regular contacts through different ways with Taliban, the HPC said that preconditions for beginning of peace talks are not acceptable.

According to Qasemyar, withdrawal of foreign troops, release of Taliban prisoners and their partaking in political power have been the issues that have always been drafted by Taliban during contacts.

In his message, the Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid called preconditions on peace talks as rumors.

Despite of that, if Taliban draft release of their prisoners who have been captured in battlefields and execution order has also been issued on some of them, as a precondition, would the Afghan government accept it?

According to deputy chief of Afghanistan Lawyers Association (ALA) Abdul Sobhan Mesbah, except what is due people, the president can decide on other crimes.

If a person has a problem with other people, neither the government nor Taliban can do anything but what is due Allah which often relates to criminal issue, depends to government and the president is allowed to decide on it and can show flexibility for beginning of peace talks and rejection of these demands by Taliban, now the people trust to this process has decreased.

But the HPC says that the US efforts for paving the way of beginning peace talks is encouraging to HPC.

People have been victim of war and every year thousands innocent Afghans being killed or wounded in current wars.

As the outcome of war and peace leave the first clear impact on real life of Afghan people, but the people know that Taliban would not be satisfied without concession and compromise and they who have been fighting for many years, would be fighting for many other years too.

Despite of ongoing peace efforts and people hope for peace, they are concerned on increasing wars and violences.

Lailuma Noori

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