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Taliban should be encouraged for ceasefire, direct talks

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Following US President Trump’s decision on annulment of American-Taliban talks and cancelling of its results which was a draft agreement, the Taliban organized visits to certain regional countries who are either allies or supporters of this group. Members of Taliban political office in Qatar travelled in separate groups to Russian Federation, People’s Republic of China, Iran and Pakistan in separate delegations and talked with their relevant authorities.
Taliban spokesman called the goal behind these visits as consultation with their international friends. During the meetings, the Taliban delegations discussed the need of resuming peace talks with Americans and relevant authorities of these countries emphasized on peace and stability in Afghanistan and resumption of peace talks between Americans and Taliban and asked the American leaders to resume talks.
Led by Mullah Abdul Ghani brodar, a twelve-member delegation of Taliban political office visited Pakistan and met the neighboring country’s officials the other day.
According to Pakistani authorities, this visit has taken place at the invitation of Pakistan to pave the way for resuming of Americans and Taliban talks. Taliban meetings took place with Prime Minister Imran Khan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Shah Mahmood Quraishi and ISI director Faiz Hameed.
A statement of Pakistan MoF released on Wednesday 2nd of October said that the goal behind invitation of Taliban delegation to Islamabad was to review advances in talks between American and Taliban representatives and efforts will be made that how this stalled talk would be resumed.
Prior to this Pakistan PM Imran Khan during his visit of the USA had asked this country’s government to resume these talks.
According to Afghan political analysts, the American- Taliban peace talks had certain shortages and problems including absence of the Afghan government as the legitimate and legal representative of Afghan people and talks were conducted with ambiguous results and many privileges were given to Taliban caused them to magnify themselves, request high position and lose their preparedness to a realistic solution for current problems in Afghanistan.
Taliban were never ready to give up violence and blood shedding. Taliban didn’t agree with ceasefire and resorted not only to continuation but intensification of violence.
It requires that simultaneous with resuming of talks, a long term ceasefire be also announced and encourage the Taliban to minimize violence, the Afghan government be involved in talks, Taliban should show preparation for direct talks with the Afghan government and ultimately the above countries beside, the global community should insist on Taliban giving up of war and violence and cutting ties with international terror groups. If Taliban refused to agree with those demands, be ready to exert pressure on them.
The Pakistani government should also close up safe heavens and training centers of Taliban and other similar terror groups in its territory, ask the Taliban to agree with ceasefire and give up bloodletting and sincerely become ready to achieve peace. Those groups are individuals who are not ready to join peace process, must be marginalized.

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