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Taliban should accept preconditions to enter peace process


It seems that US has decided to create a process through which Taliban enters peace process and cut its all ties with terrorist and other jihadi groups in particular Al-Qaeda so that ways are paved for ending the ongoing war in Afghanistan.
The people of Afghanistan have wished to live in a peaceful environment for years. Although Afghanistan government has put peace talks with the Taliban group in its top priorities from very beginning, Taliban has repeatedly rejected direct talks with Afghanistan government and up to now either side has not talked to end the ongoing war in the country.
Now that US special peace envoy for Afghanistan has started direct talks with representatives of the Taliban group, hopes have increased for possible solution of Afghanistan dispute. But, the question is how much this peace worth? Does Taliban like Hezb-e-Islami Hekmatyar enter a process through which the group accepts the country’s constitution? What problems and procedures are ahead reaching peace in the country?
To answer all the above questions, it is necessary to have a clear perception regarding the situation in Afghanistan. Attention to the following points can somehow help us get clear perception from the situation.
Firstly, US is in Afghanistan to defend and protect its national security and believes that Afghanistan changed to safe havens to terrorist groups during the time when Taliban ruled the country; therefore, US won’t leave Afghanistan until the country makes sure Afghanistan won’t change safe havens to international terrorist groups.
Secondly, constitution and other values for which US and other international partners of Afghanistan spent lots of money in the past 17 years can play effective role in maintaining lasting peace and preventing Afghanistan from re-falling in the hand of terrorism. Protection from all modern values and constitution is necessary and should be supported.
In consideration to the respective points, Taliban are continuously violating human rights and other national and international laws. Thus, one of peace mechanism with the Taliban group should be a range of preconditions for direct peace talks with the group that must observe the international laws, stop violence and killing of Afghan innocent people and suicide attacks based on the peace mechanism.
Meanwhile, Afghan women are asking for equal access to education, work, social, political and economic activities. Independent media organizations and journalists cannot follow their duties in absence of freedom of expression as well as political parties will mainly have no presence in absence of a democratic government. Academic institutions in the country want to operate in an open academic environment. University lecturers and all other universities can only deliver their scientific works to the society when they are free in researching and expressing their thoughts.
Stubbornness, violence and persistence in their ideology are some characteristics of the Taliban group. Besides, Taliban prefers to resolve a dispute with force and tradition, while modern peace is based on talks and wisely criticism; therefore, there is big difference between us the Taliban group.
Afghanistan government needs to have active relations with the world so that it can lead the country towards development and solve the problems of its people. The government cannot reach its goals without observance of the international commitments. Therefore, a government what Taliban wants cannot protect partnership and cooperation of the international community for Afghanistan. Taliban can only enter the peace process by accepting the country’s constitution and other values achieved during the past 17 years.

Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.