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Taliban seeking peace talks resumption

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Nine rounds of peace talks between the Taliban—as the key anti-government militants and the US representative remained unproductive, after the later withdrew from the process, on the pretext of an American soldier’s death in a Kabul car-bomb attack claimed by the militants.
They killed scores and wounded dozens, mostly civilians, including women and children and abducted governmental and non-governmental staffs and spared no efforts to target government facilities and loot public properties, even during and after the failure of the peace process with the US brokers. As media reported, one of the key supporters of the Taliban, the Qatar Arab country’s authorities during a discussion with a senior US official asked for the murder of some of the militants’ leaders who are opposing peace process.
They said an assassination team should be built to target their leaders who were not bent to reintegrate.
The Qatari authorities blamed the Taliban group for failing to admire the holy Islam and called them ignorant and those their activities were against the holy religion. So they should be killed and the remaining to be forced into the peace negotiations, according to the media.
But they are now turning another page of their policy, by seeking any possible options to resume negotiation, by knocking any door. However, this is not clear if they are ready to accept an intra-Afghan dialogue. They are now in Pakistan, one of their key supporters to may interfere in the issue and help reopen the negotiation door. The militants look like to have become extremely destitute as the world, including their supporters has abandoned them and avoided cooperation with their anti-human acts.
The country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs hoped the peace restarted between the government and the Taliban militants, after the presidential election has now reached its end.
“Both at the world and regional level peace issue about Afghanistan are spoken and efforts are being made to resume the process directly between the two sides,” Sebghatullah Ahmadi, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told media.
Actually peace process with the Taliban was not postponed due to what the US President Donald Trump said the death of one of his country’s soldiers among 11 others, including 10 Afghans, but the main reason behind Trump’s withdrawal from the process was failure of the Taliban to join a direct national peace dialogue, prompting the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to prefer holding the presidential election to the continuation of the process with the so-called Islamic Emirate.
On the other, the people of Afghanistan don’t want the so-called Emirate, to be imposed by those who are unaware of the main teachings of the holy religion.
Afghanistan is an Islamic country and will continue to abide by the Islamic rules and only an intra-Afghan peace dialogue can solve all peace related challenges.
The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan welcomes any peace efforts from any of the world countries, including the neighboring ones, but this should be made clear no peace could reach a prolific goal, unless both sides of conflicts sit directly around a negotiating table.

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