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Taliban responsible for killing people, destroying development projects, citizens

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By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: A number of Kabul residents and civil society activists blame the Taliban militants for killing people and destroying development projects. In briefings with The Kabul Times, they say the militants were lying that they are not behind civilian death, as evidences have shown that they were involved in killing civilians and destroying public projects by launching all suicide and explosive attacks all over the country. Referring to the destruction of bridges in a number of provinces, they said the militants affiliated with the group, by launching terrorist attacks, are involved in the killing of and wounding of many children, women and young people.
They call on all terrorist groups, especially the Taliban, to stop their heinous acts of killing innocents and no longer destroy their property, especially public facilities. Residents of the capital and a number of provinces say the Taliban cannot deny the crimes they are committing with their false propaganda on social media because they are trying to create problems for the people by destroying bridges and public projects. This is because the group has proved that they are the enemy of the people and development projects by launching car bomb attacks in different provinces of the country, the citizens said.
Civil society activists, while condemning the recent attacks by the Taliban militants, say that the members of this group are responsible for all the killings of innocent people and the infrastructure of the country, and they cannot deny or hide their crimes with their empty propaganda. On the other, a number of Kabul residents are urging Taliban fighters to stop their bloody attacks and join the peace process so that the people may no longer be killed.
The country’s Ministry of Defense announced in a newsletter that the Taliban had destroyed a large bridge in the Arghandab district of Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan, causing problems to local people. During the operation, in addition to clearing the village of Tabeen from the enemy in the restive district of the province, the defense and security forces repaired three sections of the bridge that had been destroyed by the Taliban in the said areas and reopened it to the traffic. Residents of the province say that the government armed opposition have created many problems for thousands of families by destroying the bridges.
They also added that now traffic on this route has become difficult for locals.
The Taliban are destroying every settlement today in order to achieve their dream of a ruined Afghanistan, the residents, on consolidation of anonymity regretted. But the Afghan security and defense forces always care about the well-being of the people and do not spare any effort to defend them and their country. Another bridge connecting three districts in Kandahar province was also destroyed by the group, but Afghan security and defense forces rebuilt the bridge shortly. Yahya Alavi, a spokesman for the 205th Atal Corps, said the Taliban had created countless catastrophes by killing people and destroying their and public properties.
“They (the Taliban)have turned Afghanistan into the region’s greatest misery,” said Alavi adding in addition to the military mission, the Afghan security and defense forces are assisting and cooperating with the people and will not allow the Taliban or any other terrorist group to harm the people and their country.
The Afghan security and defense forces are the guarantors of the protection of the lives and property of the people and in all circumstances try to work for the people in addition to providing security for their well-being and comfort, he assured. Unfortunately, in recent years, terrorist groups, in addition to killing our people, continue to destroy public facilities, said civil society activists. If in the past month militants destroyed a number of public facilities in Kandahar, Ghazni, Nimroz and Helmand provinces and caused a lot of damage to the locals. They want the Taliban to stop destroying and killing our innocent people. Peace talks between the Afghan negotiating team, and Taliban representatives have been the subject of much debate so far, but unfortunately the group has not stopped fighting violence and destroying the country.

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