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Taliban prisoners’ release not of US authority: President Ghani

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan doubted the transparency of the peace agreement signed between the US and the Taliban and said the release of thousands of militants was not of the US authority, BNA reported the other day.
Briefing a news conference, held a day after the signing of the agreement, the country’s president said: “An agreement signed behind closed doors, would face challenges if not transparent and there is no commitment for the release of 5 thousand Taliban prisoners and that I have shared the issue with Mr. Khalilzad.” He said in this issue, optimism is not discussed and the government of Afghanistan should make sure that militants being released from prisoners are not returning to the battle again.
The president also said the release of thousands of prisoners technically takes time and this could be at that agenda of an intra-Afghan negotiations to be practiced in case of trust. Consultations are going on to appoint the negotiating team members and the team would be appointed before the start of the negotiations. “Some would be permanent members of the team while some temporary.”
He said it is expected to create a body under the name of high council or any other names in Kabul and that the authorities of the negotiating team would be restricted and the final decision about the results of the negotiations would be made through the country’s parliament or a Loya Jirga or a public poll.
Asked if he quit office as president if the Taliban demanded during the peace talks, he said: “Determining my seat is not the authority of the delegation. If the Loya Jirga of Afghanistan asked me, this would be something else.”
President Ghani said that he was the defender of the citizens’ rights not as an individual. “We should focus on republicanism not on president. If there was not republicanism, a president has not meaning. This request shouldn’t be discussed early.”
About the electoral commissions members appointment, he said he hadn’t individually role in the appointment of the electoral commissions members, but the nominees with the lowest votes had their own role in the process.
About his provincial visits, staging meetings with the people of the districts and provincial councils’ members and liberation of 8 districts in the last nine months told reporters: “I am in front of you and answer your questions, but is Mawlavi Hibatullah ready to answer you, where is his address. So we are in a modern era, hoping they speak with respect to the will of the people of Afghanistan.

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