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Taliban plan to insecure north in spring: NSA

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By: The Kabul Times

In the wake of meeting with first vice president Gen Abdulrashid Dustom in Sheberghan, the provincial capital of Jawzjan province, addressing the media. NSA Hamdullah Mohib said, Taliban focus is on the northern and northeast provinces. They plan to insecure these areas completely next spring and the government has taken full preparations to confront them and would not allow the situation of these provinces to be deteriorated next year and this preparation includes beginning of cordon and search operations in these provinces with people consultation prior to Taliban offensive.
On Sunday, the NSA travelled to Jawzjan province aimed at assessing security situation and improving of local governance and visited Balkh province too. During this visit NSA Mohib had separate meetings with local authorities and people and discussed security situations with them.
Talking to media, NSA Mohib said that the situation has changed but the change is not sufficient. He addressed dismissal of Gen Wali Muhammad Ahmamdzay from the command of Shaheen 209 Corps and appointment of Haibatullah Alizay as his replacement as one of these changes.
Mohib added, cordon and search operations have been started in Balkh and would be slowly extended to other provinces.
The goal behind these operations is further preparation of ANSDF prior to enemies movement next spring.
Mohib went on to say, civilian casualties are no longer acceptable and the past mistakes should not be repeated.
The statement of NSA took place at a time that on the first night of his visit to Balkh six people including four women and two children were killed in an air strike of ANSDF in this province.
Mohib said, he has traveled to northern provinces to consult with people how to prevent repeat of such catastrophes in the future.
Mohib accused Taliban that use public people, women and children as a human shield while this is against laws of war.
Answering a question on ANSDF operation against home of Nezamuddin Qaisary in Balkh, Mohib said that this operation was carried out aimed to arrest Qaisari but failed and the decision on this operation was not taken at highest level of government but was taken by Balkh local security authorities. NSA Mohib pointed out that the goal behind his meeting with first vice president Gen Dostum was consultation on launching of cordon operations in northern provinces. Dostum is an experienced officer and the government plans to exploit his skills for next operations so the past mistakes not to be repeated. 

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