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‘Taliban not respecting peace deal’s articles’


By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: Following the peace deal signed between US and Taliban in Qatar, Afghanistan government started effort for talks with the Taliban group as the release of Taliban prisoners from Afghanistan prisons is part of the effort of the government.

Afghan government has released 300 prisoners of the Taliban group from the country’s prisoners. The step has been welcomed domestically and internationally. But, Taliban stands on no principles as they have recently increased their attacks on Afghan national security forces and civilians in various parts of the country. The only step taken by the Taliban group was the release of 20 individuals imprisoned in their custody due to unknown reasons.

Afghanistan government still standing on its commitment towards maintaining peace and stability in the country, asking the group to stop violence and take a step towards maintaining peace in the country.

In his recent remarks, NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has asked the Taliban group to implement the peace deal signed between US and Taliban and stop their attacks in the country as implementation of articles of the peace deal and stopping violence by the group is the only way to reach intra-Afghan dialogue.

Stoltenberg has stressed that NATO was committed to cooperation with Afghanistan and supporting the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process.

Previously, Afghanistan National Security Council in a video message to media has said Afghanistan government has increased its efforts towards reaching peace and stability.

“To reach a comprehensive peace deal, it is necessary that Taliban should stop killing Afghans and agree on implementation of permanent peace with Afghanistan government,” the message added.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission has said that Taliban is responsible for 50 percent incidents in the country where civilians have been killed and wounded.

According to AIHRC, the release of Taliban prisoners has put no impact on action of the group over civilians. The commission has called on the Taliban to end kidnapping, killing civilians and attacking on ANDSF in the country.

Afghanistan ministry of defense by criticizing the Taliban group has said Afghan National Defense and Security Forces are committed to the peace deal, but Taliban has continually violated the agreement.

“Based on articles of the peace deal signed between US and Taliban, the level of violence should have reduced in the country, but Taliban is attacking on security posts and positions what they did in the past,” said Rohullah Ahmadzai, a spokesperson to the ministry of defense.

Nevertheless, a number of Afghan political experts believe that the releasing process of Taliban prisoners should end the ongoing war in the country, but saying unfortunately Taliban does stand on its commitment and continually violate articles of the peace agreement.

“Both sides should end the ongoing war in the country and enter to direct negotiations as mentioned in the peace deal,” said Khalid Sadat, an Afghan political expert.

He said that the peace deal would have no meaning if violence continued, adding that increasing of violence would question developments in the peace process; therefore, the only way to reach lasting peace in the country was to stop violence.

It is worth mentioning that UN, EU, Afghanistan government and civil society organizations have all called on the Taliban group to stop violence and work on maintaining ceasefire in the country to jointly fight COVID 19 pandemic countrywide.


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