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Taliban never respect Ramadan

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Taliban never respect Ramadan and like previous years launched bloodletting and shed blood in many nooks and corners of the country. Claiming that war has more reward in holy month of Ramadan, Taliban clashed in most parts with ANSDF and continued murder and killing of innocent people contrary to demands of Ulema, scholars and people of Afghanistan and participants of Peace Consultative Loya Jirga.
They attacked Baghlan provincial police headquarters two days ago and beside assassination of a number of ANSDF they razed large number of civilians to the ground.
They also attacked a region on the border of Jaghoori district, Ghazni province, killed a number of security forces and injured many civilians.
All these happened at a time that the participants of Loya Jirga requested ceasefire at least in holy month of Ramadan and asked the warring factions to respect Ramadan and give up bloodletting and setup ceasefire.
In his concluding speech of the Jirga, president Ghani announced that he considers the resolution of the Jirga as the roadmap and program of action of the Afghan government and added that the Afghan government is ready as per the demand of participants to announce ceasefire instantly and as a sign of goodwill release 175 Taliban prisoners and hand them over to Taliban representative in Kabul or elsewhere they want.
On the eve of Ramadan in a video message, the president once again asked Taliban to say “yes” to peace and reconciliation demand of the Afghan people. In his message on Ramadan, the president said, the holy month of Ramadan is the month of peace and reconciliation. I once again want the Taliban to respect this month and say “yes” to peace and reconciliation appeal of the Afghan people which has been reflected frankly in the resolution of Peace Consultative Loya Jirga.
The holy month of Ramadan is a great month in which Holy Quran was revealed. It is a month in which clear signs of guidance and differentiation of right from wrong have been ordered by Allah the Almighty. It is a month in which the muslims have been appealed to fasting and sincere worshipping of Allah.
This month has been interpreted as the month of Divine banquet. No sin should take place in this month or muslims life, properties and their honors be offended and mulsims blood should not be shed. The Great Prophet has said that muslims life, property and honors is illegal to other mulsims. This month worths to be celebrated with worship and obedience of Allah and fasting in day and praying and pleading in night at the court of Allah the Almighty.
Holy Quran should be recited frequently in this month, this is the month of Quran spring. Sins should be avoided in it and good works should take place. Murdering and bloodletting and oppression on muslims is against Ramadan expectation and spirit. Taliban oppress on people, take passengers out of vehicles and kill them on highways.

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