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Taliban killed, wounded 420 civilian in a Month: NSC

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By: The Kabul Times
KABUL: The office of national security council (NSC) announced that the Taliban killed and wounded 420 civilians during the past month.
“Taliban continue their violent campaign against Afghan civilians, killing 129, including women and children, and wounding 291 others between June 17 to July 18 across 30 provinces,” NSC said in a statement.
The statement added that despite Taliban’s commitment to reducing violence, they carried out most attacks in cities and highways last month in 30 provinces with the highest casualties in Samangan, Kandahar and Nangarhar.
“The Taliban carry out targeted assassinations along with suicide bombings and explosions in various parts of Afghanistan, and most victims are innocent individuals and families,” said the statement.
According to the statement, Taliban’s widespread violence against civilians and civilian infrastructure is tantamount to war crimes.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.