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Taliban involved in Kabul, Nangarhar attacks: VP Saleh

By: The Kabul Times
KABUL: Addressing Nangarhar residents during his trip on Sunday morning, First Vice President Amrullah Saleh blamed the Taliban for deadly attacks in Kabul and Nangarhar, referring to the group as the “enemy of the country”.
More than 24 people were killed in Nangarhar last week when a bombing happened at a funeral. On the same day, over 30 people, mostly women and some children, were killed in an attack on a 100-bed maternity hospital in the west of Kabul. Daesh claimed responsibility for the attacks and the Taliban denied involvement in the two incidents.
VP Saleh said denials by the Taliban about the two incidents cannot be accepted. He asked for the residents to be patient as the government probes the incident.
“We do not accept the enemy’s denial of the Nangarhar attack or their blaming Daesh for it,” VP Saleh said. He added that he is “sure” that the Taliban was involved in the Nangarhar bombing.
VP Saleh also blamed the Taliban for the Kabul hospital attack and said the Taliban cannot take power by killing Afghans.
“Some foreigners are creating ambiguity and doubts in our minds that this attack is done by this group or that… If you hear the confessions of Aslam Farooqi (who was recently arrested by NDS), no question will remain for you about who is Daesh and who is Talib,” he said.
He said the Taliban has made an agreement with foreigners but they are killing Afghans.
VO Saleh asked: “How can the Taliban claim they are representing Afghans while they are not respecting mosques and public places and are acting against the will of Afghans?”
“As sons of this soil, we know who the country’s enemies are and who is supporting them,” Saleh said, referring to the Taliban.
“Remarks about who is involved and who is not involved in these attacks can be accepted by simple people, but not for us who are among our people and who know who our enemy is and who is supporting them,” he added. 
Meanwhile, VO Saleh said that more than 95 percent of military operations against militants are conducted by Afghan forces, adding that the forces are able to independently defend their country.
VP Saleh said that attacks like Nangarhar might happen again but it will not affect “our unity,”
and that the demands of Nangarhar residents are legitimate and that he is committed to acting on them, he vowed.

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